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Proving of Golden Pyrite  (Pyr-d) 

by Paulo Rosenbaum, Brazil



The results of the proving of Golden Pyrite are presented here. The proving followed the protocol adopted for Brosimum gaudichaudii, further modified to adjust to our group’s demands. They are also presented a thematic study of the remedy, its reportorial rubrics, its differential diagnosis and new rubrics that ought to be added to the repertory. The experience created the need of suggesting new practical guidelines to be included in the protocol.



PIRITA DOURADA - Golden pyrite.

Proving began in February, 2002. . Sealed envelope opened September, 17th, 2003

Source: L. P. Minerais do Brasil Ltda.

Trituration: according to Hahnemann’s instructions (3 triturations).

Dynamization: Korsakovian (from the first liquid dilution).

Potencies: 30 K; 200 K.


All provers were physicians and veterinarians, post-graduate students at the Escola Paulista de Homeopatia.

Prover #2 was excluded from the proving as he didn’t comply with the experimental protocol.


Pyrite’s characteristics

- Chemical Formula: FeS2 (iron sulfide)

- Mineral Group: sulfides

- Luster/Color: metallic/gold or brassy-yellow

- Cleavage: absent

- Hardness: 6 to 6.5

- Streak: Greenish-black

- Refraction of Light: Opaque

Double Refraction: Opaque

- Density: 5,1 g/cm 3

- Chemical Behavior: Soluble in nitric acid

- Other Characteristics: common cubic crystals.

- Origin: magmatic, sedimentary and metamorphic environments.

- Commentary: releases sparks when beaten

- Uses: preparation of sulfuric acid, metallic sulfates and sulfur. Traditionally used in the fabrication of

steel. Easy combustion: used in Antiquity to make fire. During the 16th century it was an essential part of fire arms. Used by American natives as mirrors. Ornamental worth. May be used as a source of iron.

- Distribution: many parts of the world, especially where marble is abundant.

- Popular name: fool’s-gold; witches’-gold.

- Etymology: from the Greek, pytires - fire.

- Pyrite and Gold: its color makes inexperienced miners believe it’s gold. It’s softer, less dense and more fragile than gold. Frequently, pyrite is associated with gold and copper: finding pyrite may indicate that there is gold in the area.


- good luck in business

- useful in respiratory syndromes, when applied to the throat. It helps to control bronchitis and allergies. Blood oxygenation.

- Acts upon the 7th chakra: physical, emotional and mental well-being. To see beyond the surface and to know what’s behind words and deeds.


Matéria Médica



P1 - K30 -D2 - US-M/NS

2 hs after taking the remedy, sadness than increased until weeping, sadness attended with nostalgia of endeared person, it improves gradually when distracted watching a movie on TV. Afterwards, my mood was a lot better. When I was young I used to cry a lot, later I couldn’t cry anymore. The remedy enabled me to cry again, now I’m able to cry more easily. I never feel nostalgic: I remember absent people, but without pain. After the remedy, I missed a person that was very good to me, I missed her.


P1- K30 -D4 - US-M

The whole day, feeling of lightness, didn’t want to do anything. I tend to get distracted, not to pay attention to things, feeling as if I didn’t want to remain on this world, it was bad, I don’t want to be a part of it, I want to be disconnected. This feeling was increased by the remedy.


P1- K30 - D4 - US-M

Evening, anxiety and weeping, relieved by weeping. Night, same symptom.


P1- K30 - D4 - US-M

Bitten all my nails, but not up to the flesh as I usually do; it was more moderate. (night, after playing volley-ball).


P1- K30 - D7- NS

Don’t care about anything around me. I’m always concerned with what I have to do, what is happening; after taking the remedy I would think, “To hell with it!”


P1- K30 - D8- OSR

Nasty quarrel between my daughters, I ended by joining it. Usually, I let them quarrel, if I join, it gets worse. This time I couldn’t help it, I joined it. As a child, I used to lose self-control, I would attack and strike [people], if no one would hold me, I would strike. I got so mad by my daughter’s fight that I spanked my [adult] daughter. Afterwards, I regretted it. I thought, “Why do they defy me so much? Why can’t they do what I say? I give them advice, but they always have to oppose me.” Usually, I manage to control myself.


P1- K200 - D2 - NS

Emotionally sensitive, ill humor, no jokes. Usually, I’m not ill-humored, I like to smile, I never arrive to any place and don’’ say hi to people. Now, I wished there would be nobody there, wanted nobody to realize I was there.


P1- K200 - D3 - NS

Woke up without any will to talk. Whole day, wanting to cry, in a deep sadness; couldn’t be nice to anybody. It was the previous day symptom continued: didn’t want to talk, I’m never like that. I always like to say something nice to everybody, but couldn’t.


P1- K200 - D12 - NS

Well during the day, we went away for the whole day; began to feel blue when coming back home, didn’t want to talk (evening).


P1- K200 - D6 - NS

Anxious the whole day, until very late at night. I never feel anxiety when I have something to do: I make lists and do one thing at a time. After taking the remedy, anxious to do everything at once, wanted to have something over, but didn’t know what it was; I couldn’t do anything as I normally do. Wanted to do everything but couldn’t, awkwardness.


P1- K200 - D6 - NS

No strength to do any physical exercise, it seems I’mtired of everything, even of life... (didn’t care for good or bad things in life). This remained until now (1 year after the proving). I make plans for myself: first, I go to work, then I go to the gym. Now, I wanted nothing at all, nothing had any sense, why would I go places? Useless, I didn’t want to do anything. And not only bad things: I didn’t care for good things either, didn’t mind if I was missing the good things in life.


P1- K200 - D10 - NS

Morning, very discouraged, only improved after lunch. I always wake up in good spirits, after taking the remedy I would wake ill-humored, as if the day should have to begin after noon.


P1 - K200 - D10- NS

Unable to work, seemed I was dull, unable to think, as if a drug-addict teen.


P1- K200 - D11- US-M

Unable to work, afternoon. Woke up in the morning feeling better, yet later it seemed difficult to leave, to move, didn’t go to work. Usually, it’s the opposite: it’s difficult to start, but after I begin, I become more enlivened.


P1- NS

During the proving I kept thinking, “Will the remedy be effective?”, but I was feeling bad, didn’t want to feel like I was: sadness, weariness, tired body, discouraged, no will to do anything. I always like to say “I’d rather have the world to end at a precipice in order to die from inertia”. That became very much worse after taking the remedy: I just wanted support, to hold on to something and let it go. I wasn’t able to do anything, very bad. My daughters thought that I was more irritable, but I didn’t feel irritated, I was feeling something very bad. Would answer harshly, irritated, wanted to be left alone, but they [daughters] kept bothering me.


P6- K30 - OSR

After the proving was over, bad feelings came back: itchy, overwhelmed, mad at everything and everybody, old symptoms but not so strong as before.


P6- K30- (D16 to 34) - OSR

While I was taking the remedy, I felt happy. Now get angry by the least cause, no patience, I don’t know what’s the matter, I verbally abuse people around me. I don’t like this, oversensitive. I need to control myself in order not to fight with people. Noises from theneighbor’s parrot, the howl of their dog get me mad, I have to go away in order not to listen. 2 years ago I had a depression. After stopping the remedy, that feeling came back, but only for a short time and less strong. Fear and lack of self-confidence, fear of thieves, mad at noises, unconfident, didn’t know what to do.


P6- K30 - D34 - NS

Pondering on serious matters: future, family, career, money. Self-doubts concerning my own and other people’s attitudes. (At the time, I had already decided to get married).




P3- K30 -D7- NS

8 am, woke up with strong headache, frontal, worse on the left side, around the eyes, with dizziness, it seemed I was turning in a circle, dizziness and sleepiness. 3 pm, unbearable dizziness and sleepiness. Had to stop the proving because it was getting worse. Dizzy the whole day. After stopping the proving, dizziness went away, but headache remained 5 more days.




P3- K30 - D1 -NS

9 am, headache, left side, frontal, around left eye (slight).


P3- K30 - D1- NS

3 pm, headache, worse on left side, around left eye.


P3- K30 - D2 - NS

3 pm, headache, frontal, as a weight.


P1- K200- D9 - NS

Slight headache, more as a weight, worse on left side, frontal and parietal, began at 10:30 am, continual pain.


P6- K30 - D32 -NS

Slight headache, frontal, on the right side; afternoon, constant pain over right eyebrow. Pain as if a constant pressure over the eye.


P3- K30 - D5- NS

8 am, woke up with headache, feeling of a weight on frontal area, unbearable, gradually focalized on the left side, the whole morning, wanted to take an analgesic, but didn’t because of the proving.


P3- K30 - D7- NS

8 am, woke up with strong headache, frontal, worse on the left side, around the eyes, with dizziness, it seemed Iwas turning in a circle, dizziness and sleepiness. 3 pm, unbearable dizziness and sleepiness. Had to stop the proving because it was getting worse. Dizzy the whole day. After stopping the proving, dizziness went away, but headache remained 5 more days.


P1- K30 - D17- NS

Unbearable headache, began after lunch and worsened until 7 pm, when I couldn’t take it anymore and took 60 drops dipirone and fell asleep. Pain in whole head, worse on frontal area, throbbing, it seemed it would burst. Pained lasted 2 days, always at the same time, but milder, it got better by the third day.


P1- K30 - D24 - NS/US-M

Heaviness in head; burning eyes; aching in whole body as I’d been beaten up. Lasted 3 days. On the fourth day, clear coryza that got thicker, with mild cough lasting 5 days; at the same time, purulent conjunctivitis in both eyes, feeling as if smoke, much burning. Conjunctivitis usually comes every summer, it never comes this time of the year. Never felt heaviness in head before, I wanted but couldn’t hold my head up. Aching in whole body as if beaten up: new. Feeling as if smoke: new. Vision completely blurred, as if sight was hindered, I rubbed the eyes but didn’t got any better, as if cloudy.


P6- K30 - D32- OSR

Flat wart on forehead, below an older one that is flat and smooth. It took 1 week to go away, it became very thin, as if dry skin. Amazement at the speed of wart appearance and disappearance.




P3- K30 - D30 -NS

3:30 pm, pain deep in left eye.

P1- K30 - D24 - NS/US-M

Heaviness in head; burning eyes; aching in whole body as I’d been beaten up. Lasted 3 days. On the fourth day, clear coryza that got thicker, with mild cough lasting 5 days; at the same time, purulent conjunctivitis in both eyes, feeling as if smoke, much burning. Conjunctivitis usually comes every summer, it never comes this time of the year. Never felt heaviness in head before, I wanted but couldn’t hold my head up. Aching in whole body as if beaten up: new. Feeling as if smoke: new. Vision completely blurred, as if sight was hindered, I rubbed the eyes but didn’t got any better, as if cloudy.




P1- K30 - D24 - SN/SUM

Heaviness in head; burning eyes; aching in whole body as I’d been beaten up. Lasted 3 days. On the fourth day, clear coryza that got thicker, with mild cough lasting 5 days; at the same time, purulent conjunctivitis in both eyes, feeling as if smoke, much burning. Conjunctivitis usually comes every summer, it never comes this time of the year. Never felt heaviness in head before, I wanted but couldn’t hold my head up. Aching in whole body as if beaten up: new. Feeling as if smoke: new. Vision completely blurred, as if sight was hindered, I rubbed the eyes but didn’t got any better, as if cloudy.




P6- K30 - D32 - NS

Sore throat the last 24 hours, it started yesterday evening. Seems I won’t be able to swallow, scraping. Burning pain when swallowing, even saliva.


P6- K30 - D34- NS

About 6 pm, throat begins scraping, gets dry and aches, it seems swollen. It remains the whole night. Took vitamin C and propolis, but didn’t afford relief. Throat very sore, nothing affords relief, desperate, I can’t stand swallowing saliva.


P6- K30 - D35- NS

Sore throat, the whole day, aches when swallowing saliva, burning. I can eat and drink normally. I never had this before. My tonsils were removed when I was 6. Very odd, food wouldn’t hurt, only saliva hurt.


P6- K200 - D20-NS

Sore throat began at 1:30 pm, burning, on the right side of the throat, while speaking or swallowing saliva. Constant, drinking doesn’t ameliorate. Very bothersome. Very similar to the sore throat I had when taking the first vial (K30), but this time is more focalized, only on the right side. Unbearable, nothing ameliorates it. No relation with weather: it’s hot.




P1- K30 - D11 - OSR

2 pm, nausea and vertigo; at the office, I felt the taste of meat, sick feeling (took aluminum hydoxide: slight burning in stomach). Heartburn 10 to 15 years earlier, then I never felt it again until I took this remedy. No apparent cause.


P1- K30 - D13- NS/US-M

Feeling very sleepy and very hungry, I want to eat until feeling sick, until feeling the stomach very distended, heaviness over whole body. During the proving, sleepy all the time as when pregnant, I wanted to sleep and nothing else. Usually, I have to wake up early in order to drive my daughter to school. After taking the remedy, I would  come back home and go back to bed and sleep 1 - 1 1/2 hour, go back to bed as if I hadn’t wake up at all. I usually eat a lot but not until feeling sick. After taking the remedy, need to eat until feeling sick.




P1- K200- D2 - NS

Abdominal pain, like a colic, afternoon, 2 pm, lasting for 2 hours. White, thread-like stools.


P1- K200- D8- NS

5 pm, strong pain in lower part of abdomen, feeling of a weight, lasting 2 hours, feeling as if thorns, as if something pressing, thought could be flatulence.


P6- K200 - D12- NS

Itch in abdomen, morning after rising; no skin rash. Slight itch, itching as if an allergic reaction, but nothing visible on skin.




P1- K30 - D2 - NS

Bowel motions more regular than usual; stools more often during the day, thicker and easier to evacuate.




P1- K30 - D10 - NS

Constant desire to urinate, copious flow each time (feeling as if full bladder): clear urine, not burning. It seemed as if the bladder could never be fully emptied. Usually, I urinate very few times a day, after taking the remedy, I couldn’t retain it, I had to run to the toilet, as if something was forcing urination.



Female genitals

P3- K30 - D18- NS

Menses 10 days late.


P3- K30 - D55 - NS

Menses 16 days late.


P3- K30 - D18- NS

Lumbar pain during menses.


P3- K30 - D42- NS

Vaginal bleeding as coffee sediment, small volume
(13 days before menses).

P3 - K30 - D2- NS

Menses: dark blood, small volume.


P1- K30 - D41- NS

Menses began during the night. This time, without usual pain and pre-menstrual swelling. Different because it only lasted 3 days, blood was darker and volume smaller.


P6- K30 - D12 - OSR

Menses, darker than normal, small volume and blacker (coffee sediment).


P6- K30 - SN/SUM

Since menses - that were shorter - continual vaginal secretion of dark brown mucus; as I walk, I feel this vaginal wetness, bothersome. It’s not new, but it’s much more remarkable than usually.


P6- K30 - D10- NS

Itching on genitals all the time, but worse at night. I feel like those men that are always scratching their crotch.


P6- K30 -D11 - OSR

I’m about to get my period but not yet. Mild colic pain on the left side, strong but went away immediately. I usually feel no menstrual, I’ve already had many years ago.


P6- K30- D11- NS

8 pm, feeling of lassitude, an openness in the vagina that connects the uterus straight to the [outside] air, as if there were no muscles to be contracted. It went away immediately.




P1- K30 - D10 - US-M

At night (about 9 pm), pain in right breast: pressing, not irradiating to anywhere, continual. I usually feel this pain in the left breast, never in the right.


P1- K30 - D13 - NS

Afternoon, aching in breasts as if pre-menstrual.


P6- K30 - D32- USM

Mammography: cysts persist, small sized but bigger number: 6 in the left and 2 in the right breast.




P3- K30 - D2 -NS

Pain in the back and lumbar region, irradiating to nated; deep pain, it seems as if in the bones, feeling as if formicating.

P3- K30 - D5-NS

9:30 am, stitching pain, as from needles, on left lumbar region, the leg became stiff, I couldn’t walk, limping because of the pain. It lasted 3 hours.


P3- K30 - D9- OSR-M

3 pm, pain in right shoulder bone, with severe lumbar pain, cold sweat over whole body. It made me remember renal colic I had years ago, but then I didn’t sweat. It was a cold sweat, over all the body, it made me feel sick, feeling as if was going to faint. It reminded me of hypoglicemic attacks I had as a child: they came whenever I was in a closed, crowded place. I never had again until now, I was at my office, the air-conditioning was on, no reason to feel like this.


P1- K30 - D6 - NS

At night I drank a beer and 2 hours later I felt a tensive pain in shoulders.




P1- K30 - D41- US-M

Woke up at 9 am with violent cramps in left leg, lasted 5 minutes. Unbearable, I rubbed and moved the leg, it got better. I usually do feel cramps at night, after violent physical exertion of the legs. The remedy altered the time of day and the modality of amelioration: rubbing, pressing it. Usually, when I feel the cramps I shout for something to bring me a pain-killer, as it is the only thing that affords relief.


P1- K200 - D8 - NS

Feeling of heaviness in lower limbs, as if they were weak, powerless and needed to be still, imobilized.


E- - K200 - D8 - SUS-M

11 am, feeling of formication in left leg and foot, for 1 minute. I usually feel formication in the arm and hand, the remedy changed it to the leg and the foot. After the proving, it went back to the upper limb.


P6- K200- D6 -US-M

Subcutaneous excrescence on the joint of the right second finger, internally. I had this before, on the other hand. Uncomfortable when passing the finger over it. It came out from nowhere.


P6- K200 - D15 -US-M

Another excrescence on the skin (flat wart), on the right wrist.


P1- K30 - D3 - NS

Morning, skin rash on the palm of the left hand, wet as if by sweat, it doesn’t itch, diameter about 1 cm, light red. It only began to itch , intensely, on the 11th day.


P1- K200 - D5- OSR/NS

Boils on the feet that itch and get dry, after that, they scale off, leaving the feet looking like unkempt and very dry.


P1- K200 - D10- NS

Skin on hands and feet ever more dry and thick.


P1- K200 - D15- NS

Skin is better on hands and feet, yet feet remain dry, skin broken on heels.


P6- K30 - D32-NS

Dark senile spots in arms, hands and legs.


P6- K200- D11 - US-M

Shaking of hands during nervous excitement, I used to feel this but when the nervous condition was worse.




P3- K30 - D3- NS

1 pm, sleepiness after lunch, I need to lie down and sleep. All along the proving I felt this sleepiness.


P3- K30 - D5- NS

12;30 pm, much sleepiness after lunch.


P3- K30 - D5- NS

11:30 pm, very sleepy but unable to sleep.


P3- K30 - D6- NS

8 am, sleepiness, waking up is very difficult.


P1- K200 - D2 - NS

Very sleepy in the morning.


P1- K30 - D13- NS/US-M

Feeling very sleepy and very hungry, I want to eat until feeling sick, until feeling the stomach very distended, heaviness over whole body. During the proving, sleepy all the time as when pregnant, I wanted to sleep and nothing else. Usually, I have to wake up early in order to drive my daughter to school. After taking the remedy, I would  come back home and go back to bed and sleep 1 - 1 1/2 hour, go back to bed as if I hadn’t wake up at all. I usually eat a lot but not until feeling sick. After taking the remedy, need to eat until feeling sick.


P1- K200 - D13 - NS

I’ve been sleeping too much, always feeling sleepy, ever more sleepy, I fight against sleepiness because I want to remain awake to watch TV. This sleepiness began after starting taking the remedy, although I always fight against sleepiness. Nonetheless, I’m able to accomplish what I have to do.



P3- K30 - D5 -NS

Dream: pursued by a snake, I don’t know how I managed to kill it.


P3- K30 - D18- NS

Dream: pursued by thieves, being threatened to be murdered. Woke up in fright.


P3- K30 - D22- NS

Dream: At home, I had had a baby and killed it. It was awful. Woke up sweating and ran to take a shower.


P3- K30 - D28- NS

Dream: I was shot, couldn’t see who shot at me, I died and met some relatives that are dead. I thought: “What am I doing here? I was shot, I must be dead.”


P1- K30 - US-M

Dreamed with a dead aunt, but it wasn’t a nightmare, we were both happy. I usually do dream of dead relatives, but they are sad dreams, always in old places, it’s bad.


P3- K30 - NS

The dreams I had during the proving were terrifying. I never dream with death. Each time I had one of those death-dreams, I would wake up frightened, thinking “I’ll stop taking the remedy”, didn’t want to go on having those dreams. They were very vivid, it seemed as if I was actually living what I was dreaming.


P1- K30 - US-M

Dream of my family and an old boyfriend, we were at a different city, beautiful, savoring delicious food, and I always want more (dissatisfaction?). When things get rough, I tend to day-dream, “If I had ...”, for instance, another husband, etc. What was different is that it same in the dream, instead of waking-state fancies.


P1- K200 - D8 - NS

Dream of an old house, inhabited by ghosts, I wasn’t afraid, they were nice, I was able to see them (I didn’tknow them). I slept a little bit more, and dreamed that I was contradicting my mother-in-law. I was always afraid of contradicting her, I wasn’t able to do it. In the dream, I was able to speak my mind, and since then, I’m actually able to speak my mind to her, while before I used to think it was useless.


P1- K200- D9- US-M

Dreamed that I was in a pool, the water was ultra clear and transparent, public pool with many people, I was swimming, totally naked and wasn’t ashamed, people too didn’t mind. I usually have dreams of water, clean or dirty water, swimming-pool, rivers, etc. I use to dream that the city streets are full of water, you can’t walk anymore, you have to swim, as if the city was a river. But in my dreams, I’m always wearing swimming-wear, and when I dream of the [flooded] city, everybody is fully dressed, I never dreamed before of being naked.


P1- K200 - D12 - NS

I remember that I dreamed and became sad, but I can’t remember the dream’s content.


P1- K200 - D14 - NS

Dreamed once again and as usually, I can’t remember what I dreamed of; I just remember that I always dream of closed places: houses, hotels, auditoriums, and with known people, even relatives, but I can’t remember the dream’s content. I dream frequently of my old school, my schoolmates, but always in open places: backyards, streets, I never dream of closed places. And I usually dream of unknown people.


P1- K200 - D16 - US-M/SN

Dream of a house (where I have already lived, that’s an usual dream), it was a hunted-house, its objects were “alive” and felt everything I was doing and what was the matter with me.


P1- K200 - D16- NS

Dream of a bingo or parade, I can’t remember precisely.


P6- K30 - NS

Strange dream, like science-fiction. I owned a doll thatlooked like a space-man, his head was like a helmet. I was “invaded” and they took the doll with them to steal its information. I visited 2 women that seemed to be friends or relatives, their hair was in disarray, they were wearing nightgowns, they seemed to be seamstresses, everything was disarrayed at the house and I saw two other dolls like mine, suddenly they began to pass the memory of mine to one of them. I woke up.




P3- K30 - D30 - NS

8:30 pm, Just came from having a massage, sensitiveness is increased, strong pain on the left side, it seemed as if I had been beaten up, or fallen, all sore.


P3- K30 - D4- NS

4 pm, after eating at a barbecue, headache as from a weight, worse on the left side, around the eyes. Very sleepy. I never eat meat from that day (9 months ago), because I felt very sick, I related it to the meat I had eaten.


P1- K30 - D6 - NS

12:00 pm, lunch: nausea caused by the meat I didn’t eat because it made me sick.


P1- K30 - D7- NS

Don’t want to eat meat.


P1- K30 - D8 - NS

I didn’t eat meat.


P1- K30 - D9 - NS

I didn’t eat meat.


P3- K30 - SNS

After taking the remedy, all symptoms appear on the left side, when usually I feel symptoms on the right side.


P1- K200 - D1 - NS

Feeling of heaviness on whole body. Feeling of heaviness on whole body, as if it was difficult to move, everything is slow, as if a weight was pulling me down, something drawing me down. I wanted to remain lying, as if the body was telling me to keep quiet.



Rubrics for Repertorization


MIND - ANGUISH - afternoon

MIND - ANSWERING - aversion to answer


MIND - BITING - nails

MIND - COMPANY - aversion to


MIND - CONFIDENCE - want of self-confidence

MIND - CONVERSATION - aversion to

MIND - DELUSIONS - beaten, he is being

MIND - DESPAIR - pains, with the

MIND - DULLNESS - drunken, as if

MIND - EXERTION - physical - aversion



MIND - INDIFFERENCE, apathy - everything, to

MIND - INDIFFERENCE, apathy - external things; to

MIND - INDIFFERENCE, apathy - surroundings, to the


MIND - IRRITABILITY - morning - waking on

MIND - IRRITABILITY - trifles, from




MIND - SADNESS - morning

MIND - SADNESS - occupation amel.

MIND - SELF-CONTROL - loss of self-control

MIND - SENSITIVE - noise, to



MIND - TRANQUILLITY, serenity, calmness

MIND - WEEPING - cannot weep, though sad

MIND - WEEPING - sad - thoughts, at

VERTIGO - ACCOMPANIED by - head - pain in head


VERTIGO - TURNED about; as if bed

VERTIGO - TURNING; as if - he turns in a circle

HEAD - HEAVINESS - painful

HEAD - PAIN - bursting

HEAD - PAIN - Forehead, in

HEAD - PAIN - Forehead, in - left side

HEAD - PAIN - morning - waking, on

HEAD - PAIN - pulsating

HEAD - PAIN - Sides - left

HEAD - PAIN - vertigo - after

EYE - PAIN - Around the eyes

EYE - PAIN - left


FACE - WARTS - Forehead

MOUTH - TASTE - sour - meat tastes

THROAT - DRYNESS - painful

THROAT - PAIN - afternoon

THROAT - PAIN - burning - swallowing - when

THROAT - PAIN - evening

THROAT - PAIN - swallowing - empty, on

THROAT - PAIN - swallowing - night

THROAT - PAIN - talking

THROAT - SWELLING - sensation of

STOMACH - APPETITE - increased




ABDOMEN - HEAVINESS - Hypogastrium



ABDOMEN - PAIN - cramping, griping

ABDOMEN - PAIN - pressing - Hypogastrium


BLADDER - URGING to urinate



FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - LEUKORRHEA - brown - menses - after











CHEST - PAIN - Mammae

CHEST - PAIN - pressing - Mammae, in - right

BACK - FORMICATION - Lumbar region

BACK - PAIN - Dorsal region

BACK - PAIN - Lumbar region - extending to - nates

BACK - PAIN - Lumbar region - menses - during

EXTREMITIES - CRACKED skin - Foot - heels

EXTREMITIES - CRACKED skin - Lower limbs

EXTREMITIES - CRAMPS - Leg - morning - waking; on

EXTREMITIES - CRAMPS - Leg - pressing - amel.


EXTREMITIES - DISCOLORATION - redness - spots, in



EXTREMITIES - ERUPTIONS - Hand - palm - red spots




EXTREMITIES - HEAVINESS - Lower limbs - fatigue, as from

EXTREMITIES - PAIN - beer; after



EXTREMITIES - TREMBLING - Hand - emotions, from

SLEEP - SLEEPINESS - eating - after

SLEEP - SLEEPINESS - morning - waking - on

SLEEP - SLEEPINESS - waking - after

SLEEP - SLEEPLESSNESS - accompanied by - sleepiness - daytime



DREAMS - DEATH - relatives; of








DREAMS - PURSUED, being - animals; by

DREAMS - PURSUED, being - robbers, by


DREAMS - SHOT - wounded by a shot; being


DREAMS - SNAKES - biting him


DREAMS - THEFT - committed a theft, having


GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - beer - agg.

GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - meat - agg.

GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - meat - aversion

GENERALS - PAIN - beaten, as if

GENERALS - PAIN - sore, bruised


GENERALS - SIDE - left - then right side



Appendix: Protocol


1. Consent Form


I,_______, Identity card # ___________, Social Security # _________, agree to participate in the homeopathic proving conducted by the Research Group of the Scientific Department of the EPH. I am aware that:

• The substance tested may elicit disturbing symptoms;

• I will be able to stop my participation the moment I desire;

• It may be interrupted if the proving Directors evaluate that there is my health is at risk.

I declare that I am aware of the contents of the trial protocol and do not hold the proving team liable to whatever it may happen, as I participate in this proving of my own free will, in the hope of contributing to the advance of homeopathic science.


• (signature)- Notarial certification.

• Name

• Place

• Date


Proving Directors:

1) General Director. Medical Identification #

2) Clinical Director. Medical identification #


Having complied with the initial requirements of the protocol, the proving consists of the following stages:

1. Ascription of provers to the Clinical Directors (CD). Every pair of prover-CD will discuss the PROVING DIARY, how it is to be recorded, and need of permanent availability. The initial auto-observation period is extremely helpful in this stage.

2. Distribution to provers of numbered vials that will have to be kept in boxes, protected from electromagnetic fields, strong odors, etc.

It is not mandatory that all provers test all vials: this will depend on the schedule set by the General Director (GD).

3. After the selection of the vial, the prover will drop 5 drops directly below the tongue, once every day, without ingesting any neither fluid nor solid substances nor smoking tobacco 30 minutes before and after the trial substance. The vial must be shaken 10 times before ingestion.

4. Ingestion will continue until symptoms appear, when it will be discontinued. If no symptoms appear on the 15th day, ingestion will be also discontinued.

5. If no symptoms appear, after a 30-day resting period, the next vial will be started.

6. When symptoms appear, ingestion must be discontinued, symptoms recorded and discussed with the CD.

7. After the disappearance of symptoms, wait 30 days before starting the next vial.

8. Women will begin the proving on the first day after the end of the menses (abiding to the 30-day drug-free period mentioned above).

9. The same sequence will be repeated with every vial.

The proving may be discontinued at the local level by the CDs and/or the GD.


3. The proving diary


The proving diary will be elaborated by the Proving Team or it may follow any model that fulfills the requirements established by the group.

It ought to contain the truthful record of the prover symptoms and will be discussed weekly with the CD. Any severe clinical complication must be immediately reported to the CD.

The record of symptoms will follow the same pattern both in the auto-observation diary and the proving diary, according to:

• Initial circumstances.

• Sensations.

• Time.

• Weather conditions.

• Place.

• Periodicity.

• Rhythm.

• Extensions.

• Alternations.

• Concomitances.

• Modalities of amelioration and aggravation.

• Mood for the duration of the symptom.

• Images and metaphors.


The diary must include all data that reflect a perfect record concerning the beginning and discontinuation of the doses.

The prover will only use the front of the page, leaving the back empty for the DC remarks.


4. Model


A. Identification of the prover (code).


B. Procedure:

1.  The prover will legibly write the vial number.

2. Date, month, year; Weather conditions; Place.

3. The prover will permanently carry the diary with                 him/her in order to be able to record each symptom,                indicating the time, place, modality, sequence, etc.

4.Symptoms must be recorded in a simple and natural language. Terms must be subjective-objective, i.e. provers must express themselves spontaneously, through the  common descriptive language and employing analogies. It is essential to be true to the flux of speech, such as it  expresses itself, even in the case of abstract images. Eventual interpretations may be included between brackets { }.

Medical jargon ought to be omitted, as the record is not devised to decode medical terms but to achieve the maximal accuracy of the individual’s reaction. But whenever this is not possible, the prover may employ technical terms.


C. Before the proving:

During the 2 weeks before the proving, the prover must record all symptoms, including those that he/she usually feels. Avoid every kind of excess.


D. Diet:

1.The prover will not alter his/hers usual diet, which ought to be as simple as possible.

2.Those used to regular use of coffee, tobacco, seasonings, alcohol, etc. may take them with moderation.

3.Those who only use the substances above occasionally will abstain from them. If they eventually use them, they will have to record the occasion.

E. Other remedies:

1.During the proving, the prover will not be able to use any other kind of remedies, including topical.

2. Avoid camphor, unusual perfumes, medicated lotions and creams, teas, laxatives, etc.


F. How to take the remedy:

1. See above, “Dynamics of the proving”.

2. It must be kept in mind that a few well described symptoms are much more valuable than many of them that do not distinguish characteristic and imaginary symptoms.

3. The remedy must be discontinued immediately after symptoms begin to appear and should not be repeated.


G. Recording symptoms:

1. Date, hour and place of dose-intake.

2. Weather conditions.

3. Physical condition.

4. Date and hour of the symptom’s appearance.

5. Disappearance of an old symptom.

6. Reappearance of a new symptom.

7. Aggravation or modification of a usual symptom.


H. Every symptom will be described according to the following modalities:

1. Chronological order.

2. Localization and Bodily Sides.

3. Sensations as if...

4. Gradual or abrupt appearance and disappearance.

5. Duration.

6. Modalities of amelioration and aggravation:

i. Open air, cold, sun exposure, bathing, crowded room, narrow places, in the bed, etc.

ii.Before and after storms; change of weather.

iii.Darkness, etc.

iv.Local or general motion.

v.Inspiring, exhaling, coughing, sneezing.

vi.Laughing, screaming, talking.

vii.During exertion; stretching; running; walking; standing; sitting; rising; bending; laying over something; resting upon something.


ix. Covering; uncovering; undressing.

x. Reading; writing; mental exertion.

xi. Yawning, etc.

xii. By sleep; dreams.

xiii. Before, during or after meals; which meals; drinking; eating; swallowing.

xiv. Before, during and after menses; sexual intercourse; passing stools; passing urine.

xv. Vomit; eructation; flatulence.

xvi. Perspiration.

xvii. Smoking; drinking alcohol (and which drinks).

xviii. Thinking on his/her symptoms.

xix. By odors.

xx. By music; noise.

xxi. By touch; hard or strong pressure.

xxii. When alone or in company.

xxiii. By any emotion: sadness, worry, bad news, reproof, reproach, indignation, contradiction, humiliation, mortification, disappointment, anger, happiness, surprises.

xxiv. If symptoms are: constant, continual, periodic, acute, intermittent, etc.

xxv. Extension and direction of sensations.

xxvi. Other modalities.

I. Laboratory tests:

Lab tests will be ordered before the proving and whenever necessary according to the CD/GD.



Addendum 1


The proving Group of the Fundação de Estudos Médicos do Paraná established the following guidelines, which are attached to the Proving Diary:


• Identify your records with the Prover Code, not with your name.

• Identify your records with the vial number to which symptoms correspond.

• Enumerate in ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd) every day of the proving. The first day is the day when you began to take the remedy. Begin a new for each vial.

• Identify every day you take the remedy.

• State the duration of each symptom, from date and hour of appearance to date and hour of disappearance.

• State dates of beginning and end of menses.

• In each symptom, record:

                • Adverbs:

                Why? Triggers; initial conditions.

                Where? Organ; extension;
                physical environment.

                How? Sensations as if...; Rhythm                                   (how it begins, develops and ends);
                Alternations; Concomitances, etc.

                •Factors that ameliorate and aggravate.

                •Emotional state during symptoms.

                •Intensity: (+) Slight; (++) Moderate;
                (+++) Strong, intense.

• DC: Check in the repertory if data are sufficiently clear and precise as to belong in a rubric or sub-rubric.

• DC: Classify the prover’s symptoms as:

                • NS: New symptom.

                • USS-UnM: Usual sporadic symptom,

                • USS-M: Usual sporadic symptom, modified

                • OSR: Old symptom returned.

                • O: Others.


Addendum 2


The Proving Group of the Escola Paulista de Homeopatia added:

• Record even the most ephemeral sensations.

If you do not know how to classify a symptom, do not classify it or rate it NC: no classification.

• In the case of concomitances, state the smallest details; whenever be case, state the general effect that symptoms produced to you.

• Dreams: write them down as soon as you wake up; ifpossible, tape them.

• Severe symptoms: write them down and immediately call your CD.

• Pay attention to the spatial and geographical context of each symptom: when applicable, describe the environment. State when you are in a journey.

• Pay attention to family and job contexts.

• Record eventual commentaries that friends, relatives, coworkers may do.

• CD: Do not compare the patient’s symptoms with symptoms of already known remedies.


Addendum 3


After the experimentation of golden pyrita, the group made the following addendums:

1. Follow patients during 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Example: patient that noticed - after more than 6 months - that started having aversion to meat.

2. Don’t omit any previous symptoms. This can inviabilize the proving.

3. Criteria of exclusion - clinics. Maintain some rigor. Any lesion excludes. Approval from experimenter DC presents the case to DE = approval or repproval.

Obs. IDA - ask everything at all. Exact place.

4. Instruct the clinical directors about the controls. It’s not a strictu sensu homeopathic consultation. It’s necessary to know what is better, worse and ask actively. Pay more attention to the new and old modified symptoms. How has this changed? What is the new situation? Take notes of the simultaneous besides dispositions and indispositions.

5. Make at least three consultations with the DCs.

6. When there is bothering symptoms, suspend immediately the experimenter (reach emergency phone of the DC) and, if necessary, notify the DE and managers. And never take the medicine again while vigent sympoms persist.

7. Identify the bottle rigorously by codes. Names never should appear.

8. Chronogram

Never take medicine on vacation or altered routine periods.

See Organogram on page 97.