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Didier Lustig


Medical supervision:

Dr. Jacques Rey


Paris – 2003





Many thanks


to the provers of this new remedy,


to their supervisors,


to Michelle André,


to Marie-Bénédicte Hibon,


to Alain Picard and

Claude Devrière,

from the Préparatoire des Archers,


to Jeremy Sherr






















In the spring of 1998, French homeopaths decided to carry out a proving that lived up to both the expectations of the international homeopathic community and the principles Hahnemann set out in the Organon. We, therefore, chose to use the remarkably complete and detailed method given by J. Sherr to study the remedy which is the subject of this proving. As we are required to observe the criteria which give this type of study scientific validity, in particular the double blind principle and the use of placebo along with the active product, we also thought it desirable to try, insofar as possible, to attain a degree of compatibility with tests used by the pharmaceutical industry. Perhaps this type of approach will make it possible to bridge the gap between these two seemingly irreconcilable worlds.






We selected 20 provers, each of whom received six doses of one potency. They were asked to record their symptoms in a notebook and report them to a supervisor, of necessity a homeopathic doctor. The supervisor in turn recorded them in another notebook. After a week of observation, the provers began taking the remedy doses. They were instructed to take up to three doses a day over two days, with the understanding that it was imperative that they stop taking the remedy as soon as the first symptoms appeared.

The various potencies were divided as follows: five received the remedy in the 7 C potency, five in 12 C, five in 30 C, the last five received placebo. Each of the 120 doses was randomly assigned a number known only to the laboratory that prepared the remedy. In addition, the substance was chosen by a single person, a member of our study group, who did not disclose the identity of the substance until the proving was completed, that is, until the provers’ and supervisors’ notebooks were handed in to the director of the experiment. Obviously, this person did not participate in the proving, in order that the double blind rule might be completely respected.

For reasons related specifically to the health or availability of the provers, it was not possible for everyone to take the doses at the same time, which is why the experiment took place from October 1998 to April 1999. In spite of this, there did not seem to be any exchange of information between provers and/or supervisors that might have influenced the result.

The remedy chosen for the experiment—a metallic salt, neptunium chloride—had never before been made into a homeopathic remedy. Our choice was guided mainly by our desire to complete homeopathic knowledge about the basic constituents of matter—atoms. Therefore this work follows as part of the provings of other elements on Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of the Elements carried out over the past few years, namely, by increasing order of atomic mass: Hydrogenum, Helium, Oxygenum, Neon, Cobaltum, Germanium, Molybdenum, Indium, Tantalum, Tungstenum, Iridium, and Plutonium.






With atomic number 93, neptunium is found between uranium (92), the last of the natural elements, and plutonium (94) on the Periodic Table. Like its two closest neighbors, it belongs to the actinide series, so named because of the chemical affinity with actinium (89). First of the artificially produced elements, neptunium starts the series of the 11 transuranic elements, all radioactive, heavy metals. How neptunium was discovered is of interest as, in a way, it already bears the remedy’s imprint.


1) History


The work of Frédéric Joliot and Irène Curie (the son-in-law and daughter of Marie Curie) at the beginning of the 1930s showed the probable existence of elements higher than uranium. Various groups of atomic physicists started searching for the hypothetical "eka-rhenium," the name of the element above which the new atom should logically be placed in the Periodic Table. Thus, in 1934, in Rome, Enrico Fermi and Emilio Segrè announced the discovery of the first transuranic element obtained by the bombardment of a uranium nucleus using a source of thermal neutrons (slowed by water). However, to the great displeasure of its creators, the chemical and radioactive characteristics of the new element were difficult to interpret, as they were incompatible with and contradicted those theoretically expected. It was only in 1938 that Otto Hahn, Fritz Strassmann and Lise Meitner (from Berlin and Stockholm) published the results of their work on the discovery of the Italians. The bombardment of a uranium nucleus by neutrons, instead of giving birth to a new heavier element, had caused a uranium isotope[1], uranium 235, found in very low quantities (0.72%) in natural uranium, to split into two unequal fragments. Thus, the first nuclear fission in history took place without its authors’ knowledge. However, as early as 1934, another German physicist, Ida Noddack, intuitively understood Fermi and Segrè’s misconception, but had not been able to establish proof as she did not have the necessary equipment to carry out the experiment herself.

The start of the Second World War put an end to the collaboration between laboratories and sounded the death knell for nuclear research in Europe. The quest for transuranic elements resumed in the United States at the University of Berkeley, California. Aided by a new particle accelerator, E.M. McMillan and P.H. Abelson continued Otto Hahn’s work and they in turn noted that by adding a neutron to the nucleus of uranium 238, the latter disappeared in the space of a few hours. In the spring of 1940, they demonstrated that uranium 238 first develops into another isotope, uranium 239, with a very brief radioactive period[2] (23.5 minutes), before transmuting into a new element that they called neptunium[3], from the name of the planet Neptune discovered after Uranus.

In the years that followed, twelve other neptunium isotopes (229Np to 241Np) were isolated, among them isotope 237, discovered in 1942 by A.J. Wahl and G.T. Seaborg, remarkable because of its radioactive half-life of 2.14 million years. It is this isotope, by far the most common, which was used for the proving.


2) Physicochemical Properties


Like uranium 238 or plutonium 239, neptunium 237 is an alpha emitter, which means that as it disintegrates, it emits a particle formed of two protons and two neutrons (similar to a helium nucleus). It then transmutes into protactinium 233 (element 91). Obtained through a neutron bombardment of a uranium nucleus[4], neptunium 237 is used as a target in research reactors in order to obtain plutonium 238[5], which constitutes a significant source of energy for space missions. Finally, neptunium 237 is also found in nuclear waste where, mixed with other fission products, it appears in increasing quantity as a product of americium 241[6].

Certainly, it is calculated that there are 483 grams of neptunium remaining in a ton of irradiated uranium in a reactor at the end of three years, which does not seem like much compared to 7.6 kg of plutonium. But if we consider the length of its radioactive half-life, storage of neptunium will pose some long-term problems as it will continue to radiate long after all the other alpha emitters have disappeared. Because of this length, the radioactivity of neptunium 237 is weak: 0.69 mC/g (millicuries per gram). By contrast, 1,420 gm of neptunium 237 are needed to reach the level of radioactivity provided by only one gram of radium 226. If we compare it to plutonium 239, it is 90 times less radioactive, but its half-life is 90 times longer.

In its metallic form, neptunium has a silver color, as do most of the transuranics. It oxidizes slowly in the air, particularly as the temperature and the humidity levels increase. With a density of 20.5 gm per cm3, it reaches its melting point at 637°C. It is cold soluble in hydrochloric acid, hot soluble in sulfuric acid, and does not react with nitric acid.


3) Metabolism and Toxicity


The metabolism of neptunium shows a particular tropism for the liver and the skeletal system, as well as the adrenal glands to which it seems to permanently fix itself. It is eliminated mainly through the urinary system. Neptunium’s toxicity in research animals and a fortiori in humans in cases of accidental ingestion, must be viewed from both a chemical and a radiopathological perspective; the low level of radioactivity gives the chemical toxicity time to express itself. On this latter level, the liver is the organ most affected with a rapid fatty degeneration. On the radiopathological level, osteosarcomas have been observed, as might be supposed by neptunium’s tropism for bone tissue, as well as soft tissue, especially of the liver and kidney. Contrary to plutonium, neptunium has never been the subject of a toxicological study in humans.


4) Preparation Used


The preparation used to produce the various dilutions used in the proving was created in a French nuclear physics laboratory on September 10, 1996 by a radiation chemist and myself (Didier Lustig). The stock solution was contained in a test tube bearing the label NpCl (for neptunium chloride). This was stored with other radioactive products in a large safe made up of multiple drawers, inside a room with secure access. I was told that the solution in question was from a French source and was of "medium concentration" as regards the proportion of neptunium and hydrochloric acid.

We withdrew 0.15 cm3 of this solution and poured it into a vial containing 14.85 cm3 of deionized osmosed water supplied by the homeopathic laboratory that was to make up the doses. After capping the vial, we succussed it 100 times, thus obtaining the 1st centesimal potency. We then kept 0.15 cm3 of this first potency, emptied the contents from the vial, and again filled it with 14.85 cm3 purified water to which we added the 0.15 cm3 we had kept, then we performed the next 100 succussions to obtain the 2nd centesimal potency. We continued the procedure with one vial up to the 6th centesimal potency. It was part of this last potency (0.05 cm3) that was sent to the homeopathic laboratory to be made into the subsequent potencies used in the proving.






Neptune is the second to last planet in our solar system, both by its distance from the sun (4.497 billion km, that is 30 times the distance from the Earth to the Sun) as by the relatively recent date of its discovery. It is one of the three planets invisible to the naked eye along with Uranus and Pluto, between which it orbits. It was first observed on September 23, 1846 by the German astronomer Galle, thus confirming calculations made by Le Verrier to whom credit for the planet’s discovery is often given. It was photographed for the first time in 1989 by the Voyager II probe, which made it possible for the whole world to admire its superb blue color. The only contrast is a white spot in the southern hemisphere whose shape and size are continually changing and which conjures up images of sea foam. The presence of this spot leads us to believe that violent gaseous currents are constantly streaming through the upper layer of Neptune’s atmosphere. Composed solely of hydrogen, helium, and methane, Neptune, like Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, has no solid surface. Because of its distance from the sun, the diurnal temperature is very low: – 190°C.

The blue planet is the last of the giant planets: its size (equatorial radius) is slightly less than that of Uranus, but almost three times smaller than that of Jupiter. It takes 164.79 Earth years for it to complete one revolution around the sun and rotates on itself every 15 hours and 48 minutes.






Called Poseidon by the Greeks, then Neptune by the Romans, the god of the seas is easily recognizable by his emblem, a trident which he holds in his right hand. The Ancients relate that Neptune and his brothers Jupiter and Pluto, sons of Saturn, deposed their father using a subterfuge developed with the help of their mother, Rhea. They then divided the world between themselves: Jupiter chose the heavens, Pluto the underworld, and Neptune the sea, and they kept the earth to share. Thus Neptune was more often found in Olympus than in his fabulous palace at the bottom of the ocean. Although his principal wife was Amphitrite, daughter of Ocean, the poets have described his numerous liaisons with goddesses and mortals, which is why he is described as the most fickle of the gods. To achieve his ends, he did not hesitate to metamorphose into a ram, a horse, a bird, a bull, a dolphin, or even a river.

Neptune ruled over the seas—the Mediterranean and the Black Sea— as well as the ocean that was supposed to surround the Earth. As described by Edith Hamilton in Mythology: when he traveled in his chariot on top of the golden waves, silence followed the noise of the waves and a peaceful serenity followed the passage of the wheels. He was a god who pacified; he calmed storms and floods, he came to the aid of ships run aground on reefs or sandbanks. Often his name is accompanied by the qualifier "stable." He controlled the island of Delos to protect the birth of Apollo. But conversely, Neptune could also cause terrible storms and make sailors and ships disappear. He was a fearsome god. He was considered the god of the raging seas rather than of calm waters, according to Louis Séchan and Pierre Lévêque. Some texts show that he could also unleash tornados and hurricanes on earth, a mixture of water and wind invading space and taking everything in their path. In fact, Neptune reigned over all the waters, from the primordial ocean where the gods themselves were born, to fresh waters, spring, streams, and rivers. Thus the Festivals of Neptune, the Neptunalia, were celebrated on July 23, during hot weather, when nature is at its thirstiest.

Finally, Neptune is the god of earthquakes, the quakes being linked, according to the ancients, to the storms of the seas on which the continents lay. He is the one who shakes the world, who lifts the earth and makes everything on its surface crash and crumble. Consistent with the water symbolism, he had the power to make things fertile. In his Critias, Plato describes Poseidon as the principal god of Atlantis, the legendary continent overwhelmed by the sea. He had the power "to make two springs of water gush forth from the ground, one hot, the other cold, and to make grow food-producing crops of all kinds, in abundance."

Edith Hamilton concludes her article by affirming that the trident is the lance with which Neptune can create and disperse currents at will. Each point of the trident seems to evoke one of the domains of Neptune’s empire: the sea, the rivers, and the earth.






Astrologers feel that the discovery of each of the three new planets—Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—coincided with a group of events that could be considered to be a revolution on the political, social, moral, cultural, and technological levels, because of the profound and durable impression on the evolution of humanity. In fact, the period of Neptune’s discovery corresponded chronologically with the emergence of revolutionary movements that shook Europe, especially France (fall of Louis-Philippe and the proclamation of the Second Republic), but also Italy, Germany, Austria and Hungary, Russia, etc.

These movements were often inspired and led by middle-class intellectuals, among whom were poets, writers, philosophers, and artists, which is why these events were often described as "romantic revolutions." Moved by the misery of the workers that the industrial revolution had uprooted from the countryside, they denounced the exploitation of man by man, and dreamed of a society based on the abolition of classes and the equal sharing of riches. Thus in 1848 Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto appeared, basis of a doctrine which would be important for nearly a century and a half. If the industrial revolution could be summed up in a picture, it might be that of smoke rising from a chimney: a chimney on a factory, a locomotive, or a steam engine.

The middle of the nineteenth century also corresponds with the exploration of the last unexplored regions, and the conquest of vast colonial empires by the European powers, especially France and England. Note that it was in 1848 that slavery was abolished in French dominions. Is it not strange that these vast territories, whose attractions drew so many of our ancestors overseas, were able to escape from their new masters within the space of a few years barely a century later?

How can we not think of Victoria’s accession to the throne in 1837, which began the long reign of the queen whose legendary strictness is a reflection of the prudishness and doubtful devotion which covered Europe and North America for almost half a century? How many sacrifices, renunciations, and frustrations in the name of a dogma often misapplied and stripped of meaning? For all that, the second part of the nineteenth century also corresponds with the emergence of an authentic mysticism, illustrated by Saint Theresa of Lisieux or Bernadette Soubirous, as well as the emergence of currents such as spiritism, theosophy, etc. We cannot, however, completely understand the spirit of the time if we do not appreciate the specter of tuberculosis: how many mystics died as consumptives, and how many consumptives became mystics? On a different note, a number of writers and poets tasted the delights of hashish, then consumed as a type of preserve, as witnessed by Baudelaire’s Les Paradis artificiels. Finally, in medicine, the 1840s correspond with the first surgical anesthesia: first with nitrous oxide (1843), then ether (1846) and chloroform (first general anesthesia in 1847).


What common factor links all these various facts? Essentially the search for the undifferentiated primordial state from which all creation sprung, including the gods themselves—we know today, that at the beginning the Earth was entirely covered by water and that little by little a single continent emerged, named Pangea (etymologically: the whole earth). In fact, whether it is a question of the abolition of the social classes, the equal sharing of riches, the exploration of faraway lands, a quest for the sacred or the invisible, we find this search for paradise lost (cf. the myth of Atlantis), for that golden age when there was no consciousness of being separated from the creator or other creatures.

Undoubtedly, this consciousness is at the beginning of all suffering, and in this we can see the idea of original psora. Drug use, especially that of cannabis, and generally any behavior that seeks to escape objective reality goes back to this fusional state—with God for some, with the rest of humanity, with the rest of the universe for others.

Therefore, it is first of all the experience of denial of self as a separate individual that Neptune symbolizes in astrology, with all the consequences that stem from this. On the psychic level, it is the main factor in intuition: it is as if the subject who is sensitive to this planet has the ability to see through the veil which separates individuals from each other. In fact, these people are always hypersensitive to the presence of others and to the atmosphere around them. This hypersensitivity may lead to clairvoyant or mystic states, always beyond the control of the subject. Often there is an attraction for "too good to be true" situations, having more to do with fantasy than with reality. Then comes the moment of disillusion and the reactivation of the first suffering and the bitter observation that paradise—or as close as we can come to it—is not of this world.

If Neptune symbolizes the sacred (and not strictly speaking the divine), it is easy to understand how it indicates the sacrifice, literally "that which makes sacred." The sacrifice is the process by which the self, or ego, seeks, often unconsciously, to be reabsorbed in primordial love and to disappear as a separate individual. In practice, we observe that behind any sacrificial behavior hides a guilt that is either related to a wrongdoing that is almost always imaginary, unconscious, or inherited from an ancestor—Adam and Eve were chased from paradise because they ate the forbidden fruit—or a fear of abandonment related to the absence, inability, or non-recognition by one of the parents.

It is easy to understand what led astrologers to give Neptune a special affinity for the Sign of Pisces ?. Last of the twelve signs of the zodiac, it symbolizes the invisible fluid from which everything came and into which everything will be reabsorbed at the time of the end. We cannot help to observe the many similarities which link this sign to Christianity in general, and Christ in particular: the one who was called ichtyos (fish in Greek) by the first Christians, who used to draw a fish in the sand as a sign of recognition. The Age of Pisces started two thousand years ago during this period with the entrance of the vernal point into the constellation of the same name.

To conclude, here are some of the ideas presented in the form of key words, designed to illustrate the planet’s symbolism as well as that of the sign. They will make it easier to understand the many paths that Neptune is likely to take to manifest itself in consciousness:

Ø      erosion of limits and differences, dissolution, fusion, communion, compassion, sharing

Ø      sacrifice, fault, sin, guilt, redemption, savior, salvation

Ø      appearance and disappearance (whether of people, objects, phenomena, sensations), ebb and flow, coming close and drawing away, currents

Ø      exile, deportation, abandonment, isolation, trial

Ø      faraway, enchanting, paradisiacal countries (like the islands in the Atlantic or the Pacific), or else dry, desolate lands (such as deserts); holy places

Ø      miracles, grace, ecstasy, bliss, the sacred, the wonderful, the supernatural

Ø      intuition, clairvoyance, mediumship

Ø      the ideal, inaccessible, or unrealizable character of a person or thing

Ø      adoration, secret, platonic, or sublimated love

Ø      illusion, mirage, trickery, treason, disillusion, deception, bitterness, disgust

Ø      hypocrisy, dishonesty, deceit, cheating, scandal

Ø      confusion, error, forgetfulness, loss of markers and identity, inebriation, folly, psychosis (in particular schizophrenia)

Ø      the ocean, the sea, salt, the spring, the stream, the river, fish, fishing

Ø      gases, smoke, vapor, fog, sailing

Ø      wine, alcohol, drugs, anesthetics

Ø      music, photography, diving, etc.


Let us now see to what extent and in what way the proving symptoms of Neptunium muriaticum are related to the values set out up to now.






1) The placebo question


Our first surprise on reading the proving notebooks was to note that not only did most of the people receiving placebo manifest symptoms, but also that these symptoms were similar to those experienced by the provers who received the active product. Admittedly, overall they manifested with less intensity and were less richly detailed, especially as regards the mental sphere. In addition, they appeared almost immediately after the doses were taken and had a tendency to disappear more quickly. However, the fact remains that the provers who received the placebo unquestionably expressed the proving symptoms of the remedy; consequently, a question arises concerning the transmission of information from a dose tube imbued with an active substance to another that does not contain the active substance.

In the absence of an answer, we will simply relate the facts: following a double error with packaging and shipping, the laboratory that manufactured the remedies placed the 120 doses in the same package, without separating the placebo from the active product. In addition, an error in the address on the package caused it to be sent back to the shipper before finally being sent to the recipient. Thus, the placebo doses and those containing the active product were in contact with one another for upwards of ten days. Aware of the error that had already been made, we did not try to store them separately before sending them onto the provers, which meant they were in contact with one another for another week.

However, in the interests of scientific rigor, we did not include in the following list the symptoms experienced by the provers who received placebo.


2) Notation of symptoms


The numbers between brackets at the end of each symptom indicate:

a)      the number of days, hours, and minutes since the prover took the first dose of the remedy (ex.: 03.22.35 = 3 days, 22 hours, and 35 minutes)

b)      the prover’s number (ex.: E5 = prover No.5)

c)      the potency used (ex.: 30 C = 30th Hahnemannian potency).









1. Will of iron, no anxiety. [01.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

2. Excellent physical and mental shape. [02.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

3. Good spirits and drive. [03.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

4. Good spirits despite domestic problems. [07.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

5. Feels like she is dragging herself around, but spirits are still good. [14.XX.XX E4, 7 C]

6. Read for three and a half hours in the car with no nausea. [24.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

7. Although she had been absent for several sessions, she was very sure of herself in the acrobatics gym: "I literally flew." She frightened everyone, but she felt very calm, no excitement (unlike usual). [07.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

8. Always as happy on waking, good mood and happy all day. [09.00.00, E10, 12 C]

9. Very easy at work. [00.06.XX, E11, 30 C]

10. Impression that "nothing can get to her." [04.XX.XX, E11, 30 C]

11. In the afternoon, she decided to color her hair after seeing a friend who had done hers: it’s a bit too "copper" but it doesn’t bother her and she’s not worried that her husband doesn’t like it. [23.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

12. Lots of activity with household duties and intellectual activities, started revising an examination. "Nothing was hard, everything came easy," "energy flowed easily." Felt very fluid mentally and very active physically. [00.XX.XX, E14, 7 C]

13. Wrote a lot and came up with some professional projects. [02.XX.XX, E14, 7 C]

14. Feels happier, calmer, despite a stressful day. Still happier the next day, even though she is concerned about her husband’s health and has some financial worries. [02.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

15. Lots more energy and vitality than usual. [05.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

16. My good mood disappeared but I’m taking things better than usual. [20.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]




17. In the afternoon laughed like crazy at nothing, to the point of crying. Says sentences in reverse (pots in the wrong place). In the morning, she made several mistakes with the pots of color (she shook the chrome instead of the cobalt). When she left work, her co-worker told her: "It’s like you smoked a joint." She mixes up the days. A certain euphoria despite professional worries. [04.XX.XX, E10, 12 C]

18. In the afternoon, again crazy laughter for nothing, tears. Her co-worker said: "Stop taking this medicine!" Confusion about time. [05.XX.XX, E10, 12 C]

19. Impression of well-being as if the body allowed a fluid circulation of the elements, with no physical or mental blockage. No dreams, unlike usual. More talkative than usual, laughter and euphoria as if in drunken state (for four days). [01.XX.XX, E11, 30 C]

20. Very good mood: "I’m joking all the time." "At gymnastics, they find me much happier and I’m having fun like a kid." [07.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]




21. Some crazy laughter, feels great even though she’s behind in her work. Her husband says she sang on waking up. [07.XX.XX, E10, 12 C]

22. Sings while bathing. [08.01.XX, E10, 12 C]

23. Sang all day at work; happy, euphoric. [11.XX.XX, E10, 12 C]

24. For the whole morning, very joyous, very good mood at breakfast; sang more than usual, to the point that her husband said, "you’re not getting ready to give a recital." [00.00.55, E18, 30 C]


Forgetting, confusion


25. Reverses things. [00.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]

26. More distracted than usual and systematically late for appointments. [06.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

27. I forgot my husband’s doctor’s appointment, which had never happened before. A bit less happier today, much less of a good mood. [09.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

28. Forgot an appointment with the orthodontist. [47.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]




29. Need to put things in order. Need for silence and calm; to "slow down the pace of my thoughts." [03.XX.XX, E14, 7 C]




30. Irritable at the least contradiction, for 8 days. [00.00.XX, E4, 7 C]

31. "Angry at the world. I cut the hedge and I was cutting the whole world at the same time. A more specific anger, clearer in my head about what was wrong. It was not a bad anger." [01.XX.XX, E10, 12 C]

32. Couldn’t bear anything. [01.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]




33. Sensation of sadness for no specific reason. [11.XX.XX, E5, 30 C]

34. Had the blues. [01.09.30, E10, 12 C]

35. Didn’t want to do anything, loathing of everything, didn’t want to go to work. [00.04.45, E16, 30 C]

36. I feel rather sad but I continue to react well. For example with the children, I’m getting less upset than usual. I don’t want to talk about this state, or even write about it. I would like to leave this page empty. Don’t want contact. [23.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

37. Low spirits in the evening. I let my daughter tire me out while I was helping her with her homework. Usually, I protect myself better. [46.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]





38. Vertigo in the morning. [04.XX.XX, E5, 30 C]

39. Vertigo and intolerance to cold. [07.XX.XX, E5, 30 C]

40. Nausea while traveling to work which started in the stomach, aggravated by pressure, with vertigo. Nausea lasted until around 2:30 p.m. Extreme tiredness. [12.02.XX, E10, 12 C]

42. Nausea with fatigue and vertigo ("it’s a vaccination!"). [00.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]





43. Headache with tightness in temples and heaviness in the vertex which intensified towards 8:00 p.m. with sensation of stiff neck. [00.03.00, E5, 30 C]

44. Pressure points in the temples, especially on the right, appearing and disappearing in a few seconds. [06.01.45, E8, 12 C]

45. Sensation of a penetrating stitch from the outside to the inside of the left temple, aggravated by bending head down, ameliorated sitting, head high, straight with body. [00.04.45, E16, 30 C]

46. Sudden pain above the left temple, like a nail. Stiffness of the nape to the left, like torticollis. [00.08.45, E16, 30 C]

47. Pain in abdomen with muted, continuous headache during menses: slight sensation of tightening in temples. [02.04.30, E17, 7 C]

48. Slight headache around the right eyebrow and above the two eyebrows (tightening) like when you drink bad white wine, from 7:00 p.m. until bedtime, then again on waking. [05.06.15, E8, 12 C]

49. Headache which starts in the interior corner of the right orbital cavity, then a fairly violent stitch which remains sensitive to the touch, then slight spreading above the eyebrows and to the temples. Pain disappeared in the morning. [07.02.XX, E8, 12 C]

50. Slight sensation of pressure in the head. [01.06.XX, E8, 12 C]

51. Headache like in a vice (headband), which gets tighter in a noisy environment (television). [00.08.30, E17, 7 C]

52. Headache during intellectual effort or sustained attention (return of old symptom). [02.11.30, E17, 7 C]

53. Tendency to headaches, which had disappeared 4 or 5 years ago, reappeared in noisy conditions or when tired. [04.XX.XX, E17, 7 C]

54. Hair breaking 10–15 cm from roots. [15.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]





55. Reappearance for one day of a hay fever that had disappeared two years before: smarting of the eyes with desire to rub them, sensation of having air in the eyes, aggravated by the wind; non-irritating tears which ameliorate; blocked nose, sneezing, and dry cough; sensation of dust in the throat ameliorated by the cough. [02.04.XX, E2, 12 C]

56. Eyes itching and tearing, impression of falling asleep immediately during a meeting. [28.15.30, E18, 30 C]

57. Wave of fatigue from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. approximately, as if she would fall asleep right away, with itchy eyes. [58.08.45, E18, 30 C]

58. She feels the muscle or nerves behind her eyes whenever she moves her eyes for an entire morning. [06.01.45, E8, 12 C]

59. Hordeoleum on the lower left eyelid for one day. [02.01.30, E10, 12 C]

60. Eyes stuck shut on waking. [07.00.00, E10, 12 C]

61. Pain in right eye. [01.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]

62. Sensation of ptosis of the upper right eyelid, with the feeling of a stitch going from the outside to the inside of the right eye. [02.XX.XX, E16, 30 C]





63. Eyes veiled. Sees everything in gray, and difficulty when watching television, like a veil before the eyes, from 10:00 p.m. to midnight. [03.15.00, E10, 12 C]

64. Eyes veiled while driving at night (7:45 p.m.), eyes veiled and burning until bedtime. [06.12.50, E10, 12 C]

65. Sensation of a veil and decreased vision in the right eye. Some time after, impression of seeing better, of having clearer vision, more luminescent. [00.04.45, E16, 30 C]

66. Impression of white fog in front of the eyes. [00.09.10, E16, 30 C]





67. Sharp pain for 2 to 3 seconds inside the left ear around 9:30/10:00 a.m., which came back the next day a bit after getting up, then the following day for one hour. [16.03.00, E8, 12 C]

68. Pain in the left ear at 2:00 p.m., deafer than the day before. The ear gradually blocked, then the pain disappeared at 3:00 p.m. [19.06.45, E8, 12 C]

69. Sharp pain in the left ear for a few seconds towards 1:00 p.m. [56.06.15, E8, 12 C]

70. Impression of having water in the ear for approximately 15 minutes. [01.11.XX, E10, 12 C]

71. At 8:00 p.m., vibrations with slight hissing in the left ear for 10 to 15 seconds, as if an air bubble had emptied inside the ear or like a deflating balloon. The next evening at bedtime, towards 10:30 p.m., tension and vibrations in the right eardrum for 5 to 6 seconds (definitely less strong than the night before ) but no pain. [40.13.45, E8, 12 C]

72. Weeping from right ear. [06.00.30, E10, 12 C]





73. Reappearance for one day of a hay fever that had disappeared two years before, with blocked nose, sneezing, and dry cough. [02.04.XX, E2, 12 C]

74. Sensitiveness of the upper edges of the nose, with desire to rub the area. [01.06.XX, E8, 12 C]

75. Very fleeting burning in the nose; sensation which passes upwards like "when you drink from a cup with your nose" or "when mustard gets up your nose." [02.06.15, E8, 12 C]





76. Two pimples on the forehead and one on the chin, red, sensitive, and painful for three days. [00.10.XX, E7, 7 C]

77. Pimple on the inside corner of the right eyebrow. [01.XX.XX, E10, 12 C]

78. Eruption of pimples (acne) on the temples and under the chin (last day of menses). [06.XX.XX, E17, 7 C]

79. Two small symmetrical pimples on the chin, on each side of the neck (2nd day of menses). [17.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]





80. Small eruption to the right at the back of the palate, for two or three days, which annoys from time to time (lasts 6 days in all). [12.XX.XX, E10, 12 C]

81. A new eruption at the back of the palate, further back and to the right than the previous one, which appears at the end of the meal and disappears the next day; then reappears on the 25th day, then again on the 33rd day for one day. [23.12.XX, E10, 12 C]

82. Eruption inside the upper lip on the right side, which turns into an aphta. Three days later, the aphta gets bigger, the lip is swollen. Again two days later, the aphta is painful, the cheek is swollen and painful. [31.15.00, E10, 12 C]

83. Aphta inside the lower lip which disappears the next day and reappears in the evening two days later (healing two days later). [07.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

84. Eruption like an aphta in the middle of the lower lip, in front of the lower incisors. The spot is white and more and more embarrassing, "as if the lower lip were pushed out." (duration: 5 days). [56.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

85. Eruption on the left edge of the tongue which is very annoying. [17.16.XX, E18, 30 C]

86. Eruption on the right edge of the tongue, very annoying. [34.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

87. Slight tingling of the palate; same thing the next day with thirst. [04.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

88. Dry mouth with desire to drink either hot or cold, amelioration by the end of the afternoon. [05.07.XX, E8, 12 C]

89. Impression of the teeth on the end of the tongue, usually on the sides. (28.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]





90. Slight pain in the lower left premolar for 5 minutes. [01.06.XX, E8, 12 C]

91. Upper right premolar which irritates, at the same time as a slight burning sensation on the wing of the nose, the sinuses, and the right temple, throughout the whole day. [22.03.XX, E8, 12 C]





92. Sensation of trembling inside neck. Intolerance to cold and hypersensitive to touch. [00.06.12, E5, 30 C]







93. Strong sensation of sugar on taking the first dose. [00.00.00, E5, 30 C]

94. The 6th dose seemed to taste different, more salty. [01.15.30, E8, 12 C]


Desires and aversions


95. A little nauseated after eating and desire for chocolate, which ameliorated. [00.12.15, E5, 30 C]

96. Desire for chocolate in the evening for 4 days. [01.13.00, E5, 30 C]

97. Wanted salad and fresh fruits. [04.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

98. Abuse of chocolate. [00.XX.XX, E12, 30 C]

99. Swelling of abdomen after each meal, midday and evening. Difficulty digesting bread despite desire to eat. Two days after, sensation more and more bloated, increased desire for starches. [31.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

100. Desire for ice towards 11:00 p.m. (absolutely unusual). [01.XX.XX, E20, 12 C)




101. Sensation of thirst, need to drink a lot of water (one hour after the 2nd dose). [00.07.05, E5, 30 C]

102. Pain and heat in the abdomen before breakfast, then great thirst. [04.00.XX, E8, 12 C]

103. Slight internal pain around the navel like gastroenteritis for a few seconds, with thirst: dry mouth, improvement for 15 minutes after having drunk (hot or cold). [03.15.45, E8, 12 C]

104. Pain and heat in the abdomen (waist) before breakfast, then great thirst. Thirst for tea and water which reappeared after breakfast. In the afternoon, great thirst for water, freshness of the water going down the throat, small mouthfuls which do not quench the thirst. [04.08.XX, E8, 12 C]

105. Mouth itching on the palate, with thirst. [05.02.15, E8, 12 C]




106. Little eructations throughout the day. [02.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

107. Eructations after meals. [03.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

108. Eructations after lunch and in the afternoon. Same thing the next day with dry mouth and desire to drink hot or cold (amelioration by the end of the afternoon). [04.06.XX, E8, 12 C]

109. Gas and eructations. [08.06.45, E18, 30 C]

110. After each meal, heaviness in the stomach and gas (wind and eructations). [04.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]




111. Bitterness in the throat between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., and evening towards midnight. [19.10.XX, E18, 30 C]

112. Acid coming up for 20 minutes around 7:00 p.m. [34.12.XX, E18, 30 C]

113. Heaviness and heartburn after lunch, heartburn and eructations at 8:00 p.m. which stops towards midnight. [22.07.XX, E18, 30 C]

114. Slight discomfort in the stomach. [00.11.45, E18, 30 C]

115. Little lancinating pain in the stomach for 5 minutes. [07.07.05, E18, 30 C]




116. Numerous eructations until the midday meal and feeling of nausea ameliorated only a little by eating. [01.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

117. A little nauseated after eating and desire for chocolate, which ameliorated. [00.12.15, E5, 30 C]

118. Slight nausea after eating milk chocolate. [01.15.15, E8, 12 C]

119. Sensation of nausea on waking and after breakfast. Nausea after dinner and at bedtime, then the next day before breakfast, with feeling of hunger. [02.00.XX, E8, 12 C]

120. Wave of fatigue, nausea at 3:30 p.m. [04.08.30, E10, 12 C]

121. Nausea in the car while running errands in the morning. [06.04.XX, E10, 12 C]

122. Nausea while traveling to work which started in the stomach, aggravated by pressure, with vertigo. Nausea lasted until around 2:30 p.m. Extreme tiredness. [12.02.XX, E10, 12 C]

123. Nausea for 1½ hours. [26.03.45, E10, 12 C]

124. Nausea with fatigue and vertigo ("it’s a vaccination!"). [00.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]

125. Stomach aches, bloating, intestinal spasms which wake. Nausea, contractions in the stomach ameliorated by eating. [02.XX.XX, E14, 7 C]

126. Sensation of being out of sorts, like after a meal that is too heavy or rich. [28.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]







127. Sensation of a stitch in the liver at the base of the right lobe. [00.08.45, E16, 30 C]

128. Permanent, stabbing pains, but light, in the stomach, then during the evening below the navel to the left, like a little stitch in the side. [04.12.XX, E8, 12 C]

129. Abdomen very bloated towards 8:00 p.m. and lancinating pain around the navel. Lots of gas towards 10:00 p.m. which ameliorated. [30.13.XX, E18, 30 C]

130. Sensation like a stitch in the side in the right groin on getting out of car, short-lived but annoying when walking. [26.06.45, E18, 30 C]

131. Like a stitch in the side in the left groin on walking. [28.07.45, E18, 30 C]




132. Sensation of diffuse heat in the lower abdomen, below and to the right of the navel, at various times during the day (12 noon, 8:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m.) the 5th day of the menses, then the next day at 12 noon. [01.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

133. Weight and burning in the waist area; slight internal pain for a few seconds around the navel as with gastroenteritis, with thirst. Dry mouth, improvement for 15 minutes by drinking (hot or cold). [03.15.45, E8, 12 C]

134. Pain and heat in the abdomen (waist) before breakfast, then great thirst. (04.00.XX, E8, 12 C]

135. Weight and sensation of slight burning, not ameliorated by loosening clothes. (05.XX.XX, E8, 12 C)

136. Hot pain in the abdomen, to the right under the last rib, for four to five seconds; below and to the left of the navel throughout the morning. [56.01.XX, E8, 12 C]

Bloating, gas


137. Definite decrease of usual abdominal bloating in the afternoon and evening, but return of bloating on the 10th day. [01.04.00, E4, 7 C]

138. Stomach aches, bloating, intestinal spasms which wake. Nausea, contractions in the stomach ameliorated by eating. [02.XX.XX, E14, 7 C]

139. Bloating. [01.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]

140. Lots of gurgling in the abdomen. [19.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

141. Abdomen very swollen towards 8:00 p.m. and lancinating pain around navel. Lots of gas towards 10:00 p.m. which ameliorated. [30.13.XX, E18, 30 C]

142. Swelling of abdomen after each meal, midday and evening. Difficulty digesting bread despite desire to eat. Two days after, sensation more and more bloated, increased desire for starches. [31.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]





143. Lots of gas and incomplete stool. [11.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

144. Constipation for one week: 2 or 3 pieces approximately every two days. Soft stool in the morning. [08.XX.XX, E10, 12 C]

145. No stool for two days. [09.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]







146. Very sharp pain (like a contraction) in the right ovary for 10 to 15 seconds: had to stop everything, including talking, at 12:30 p.m. (not during menses). [17.07.45, E8, 12 C]

147. Pain in ovaries for several days. [01.XX.XX, E15,7 C]

148. Pain in left ovary and on side of appendix.[02.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]

149. Slight pain in left ovary. [01.00.30, E18, 30 C]

150. Slight pain in the lower abdomen each side of the uterus on bending down. Same thing the next day. [02.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

151. Little pain in the lower abdomen after intercourse the previous evening. [04.00.00, E18, 30 C]

152. Twisting pain in abdomen with brown discharge (last day of menses). [06.04.30, E17, 7 C]




153. Bursts of heat without sweating or redness, with interior excitation like after coffee despite desire to sleep, disappeared on undressing, at various times during the day (5th day of menses). [01.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

154. Bleeding decreased 3rd and 4th days of menses, end of menses on 5th day. [08.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

155. Scanty menses, almost no bleeding on 3rd day, while usually they are quite abundant (3rd cycle of menses since start of proving). [54.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

156. Menses ended on 4th day (usually brown discharge for another day). [04.XX.XX, E10, 12 C]

157. Slight pressure pains in the lower abdomen with headache on 1st day of menses, aggravated by a hot water bottle and by cold. The next day, slight pain in abdomen, flow with clots. [01.04.30, E17, 7 C]

158. Pain in abdomen with muted, continuous headache during menses: slight sensation of tightening in temples. [02.04.30, E17, 7 C]




159. Sensation dormant sexuality, less desire.[10.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

160. Desire completely absent: "very had to stop myself thinking of other things," "as if my lower body were no longer connected to my head." [13.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

161. Vaginal dryness during sexual relations.[31.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]





162. Reappearance for one day of a hay fever that had disappeared two years before, with blocked nose, sneezing, and dry cough; sensation of dust in throat ameliorated by coughing. [02.04.XX, E2, 12 C]







163. Muscle pains on the right side below the ribs, front and back; stronger the next day. [17.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

164. Persistent intercostal pain and extremely acute intercostal neuralgia, very painful, lancinating with paroxysmal fits, accompanied by extreme tiredness (calmed by osteopathy the next day). [19.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

165. Stabbing pains in the region of the right vertebral rib, somewhat in the back, for two days; same pains the next day below right ribs, once in the garden and once in the attic (6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.); again on the 17th day following physical effort. [02.09.00, E10, 12 C]

166. Stitch in the side under the last right rib while seated, from 11:10 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. [28.17.55, E18, 30 C]

167. Painful stitch in the right side going from the front of the chest to the back through the body. [30.06.35, E18, 30 C]




168. Pressure between the last ribs and the hips with sensation of internal heat. [01.12.15, E8, 12 C]

169. Sensation of tightness in the region of the last ribs on both sides as if ribs were being squeezed, and a need to breathe deeply, several times throughout the day (more frequent than before). [01.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

170. Slight sensation of tightness between the head and the trunk, "as if she felt the interior walls of her body." Sensation of tightness stronger the next day "as if my chest were compressed," "like being squeezed in a corset." The 27th day, again a sensation of chest tightness, as on the first day of the proving. [00.12.XX, E18, 30 C]




171. Slight cardiac erethism. [00.00.XX, E4, 7 C]





172. Sensation that the muscles of the back are letting go, that they are no longer supporting: need to support the back. Desire to lay down in the evening of the next day. [20.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

173. Very subtle sensation as if she had received a light blow to the spinal column, "as if I had been hit all along this part with a bread paddle," from the nape of the neck to the lower back, especially in the shoulder area. This sensation of soreness in the back was stronger the next day. [00.11.25, E18, 30 C]

174. Dorsolumbar pain (D9-D10) on the first branch of the meridian of the bladder. [00.08.45, E16, 30 C]

175. Slight dorsal pain on the right side, sitting with back curved or laying down, ameliorated by straightening up. [30.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

176. Pain where the thumb and index finger meet or dorsal pain when pinching thumb and index together during the morning. [10.02.XX, E8, 12 C]

177. Lancinating, pricking pain, under the right shoulder blade while seated, which goes away on rising (for a quarter of an hour). [05.06.55, E18, 30 C]

178. Lancinating pain under the left shoulder blade when driving the car in reverse, independent of movements, which persisted until the next morning. A small identical pain reappeared for 30 minutes on the 20th day under the left shoulder blade [06.11.15, E18, 30 C]

179. Extreme tiredness, migraine in the afternoon and evening. Tension and pain in the nape. [16.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

180. Pain in the nape like a tightening with difficulty moving. [00.04.45, E16, 30 C]

181. Sudden pain above the left temple, like a nail. Stiffness of the nape to the left, like torticollis. [00.08.45, E16, 30 C]





Upper limbs


182. Itching on the left wrist, inside surface. [01.14.XX, E15, 7 C]

183. Pain in the left wrist for an instant. (05.01.15, E18, 30 C]

184. Right hand numb for one or two minutes. (04.10.55, E18, 30 C]

185. Small cramp in the inside edge of the right hand and along the 5th finger. [04.16.05, E18, 30 C]

186. In the night, waking with numbness of the inside edge of the left hand and the 5th finger. [05.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

187. Cramp in the left hand when driving, for ten or so minutes (violent for 30 seconds, then less strong).[02.06.45, E18, 30 C]

188. Cramp in the palm of the left hand for 1 minute. [32.00.40, E18, 30 C]

189. Sharp pain where the thumb and index finger meet or dorsal pain when pinching thumb and index together and when squeezing during the morning. [10.02.XX, E8, 12 C]


Lower limbs


190. Pain in the left hip. [01.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]

191. Pulsation in the muscles of the buttocks when sitting for a few moments. [19.15.45, E18, 30 C]

192. Cramps in the left buttock for 3 hours, with some lameness. [01.02.15, E8, 12 C]

193. Pain in the right buttock, like a stretching. [07.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]

194. Slight muscle cramp (soreness) in the lower buttocks, more marked on the right, for half hour in the morning. [05.00.45, E8, 12 C]

195. Posterior sciatica in the right leg, aggravated standing, ameliorated sitting, with lancinating pain after walking 5 minutes, for three weeks. [04.XX.XX, E16, 30 C]

196. Sensation of having drunk (alcohol) with trembling legs (30 minutes after 2nd dose). [00.07.15, E5, 30 C]

197. Pricking pain in the left knee and cracking on moving it, for half an hour; amelioration on movement and by massage. [03.14.15, E8, 12 C]

198. Left knee numb while driving, then numbness of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th left toes, then of the big toe (for 15 minutes.) (04.07.15, E18, 30 C]

199. Left knee numb, then toes, for 5 minutes. [11.03.15, E18, 30 C]

200. Bizarre sensation in the left knee: involuntary movement of the kneecap. [20.06.XX, E18, 30 C]

201. Cramps in the calf. [06.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]

202. Violent contraction of the right calf, aggravated legs stretched, ameliorated legs bent. [00.09.50, E16, 30 C]

203. Numbness of the front of the feet and the toes, more on the left than on the right, sitting but without crossing the legs, for 2 to 3 minutes. [05.03.30, E18, 30 C]

204. Numbness of the front of the left foot and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd toes, then unpleasant formication. (06.04.15, E18, 30 C]

205. Numbness of the left foot while standing. [44.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

206. Brief cramp under the left foot in front of the heel at 2:25 p.m., then again at 9:00 p.m. and the next day at midnight. [06.07.10, E18, 30 C]

207. Little cramps under the left foot for 5 minutes approximately at 10:30 a.m., then at 8:45 p.m. under the right foot, and again under the left foot the next day towards 10:00 a.m. [12.05.15, E18, 30 C]

208. Cramps in the right foot right in the middle of the sole at 9:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., then again towards 5:00 p.m. [10.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

209. Little cramp under the right foot at 5:20 p.m. which lasted the whole evening, then the 26th day starting at 7:00 p.m. [24.10.05, E18, 30 C]

210. Various little cramps under the feet throughout the day. [16.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

211. Sensation as if she would have a cramp when she moved her toes. [17.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]






212. Desire to sleep in the afternoon (6:00 p.m.) and slump in the evening towards 10:00 p.m. [02.12.XX, E8, 12 C]

213. Almost fell asleep in the car (11:00 p.m.). [07.16.15, E18, 30 C]

214. Eyes itching and tearing, impression of falling asleep immediately during a meeting. [28.15.30, E18, 30 C]

215. Wave of fatigue from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. approximately, as if she would fall asleep right away, with itchy eyes. [58.08.45, E18, 30 C]




216. Waking for no reason at 4:00 a.m. with difficulty going back to sleep. [07.21.15, E5, 30 C]

217. I woke up at 3:15 a.m., not sure if the cat woke me or I woke by myself. In any event, the cat stayed purring beside my head which is unusual. [00.20.00, E18, 30 C]





Disappearance, kidnapping


218. I am on the terrace of a café with Eléa (my daughter), Liliane (a friend) and X. Liliane decides to go buy some bread over the road, I go with her as I have decided to pay. Liliane chooses 3 different loaves and I choose one. The cashier can’t make the cash register work: he tells me the prices and I add it up as we go along. Then we leave the village in the car. I am driving. After a moment, Eléa asks me to let her out of the car in the countryside so she can take a walk. I agree and pick her up a little further along, in the car. After a while, she asks to do the same thing at the entrance to a village. I agree again and decide to pick her up at the exit. I bypass the village, and come back by the other side. I park and look everywhere for Eléa but I can’t find her. I realize that, not knowing the village, we weren’t able to give each other a landmark or a meeting place. I start to panic thinking about her panic, I ask people, no one has seen her. I see several little girls who look like her, but they are never her. I go into a store and tell my distress to the person with me (it is no longer Liliane, it is my grandmother!). I say I was stupid, that I will never find her again … I don’t know what to do, then all of a sudden think of going to the police …

I wake up. Emotionally, I feel like after a nightmare: a little physically anxious, a bit of a headache, queasy, scratchy throat. I write the dream down … I feel better, It is 4:00 a.m.

Flash: I buy myself a beautiful bag (150.00 F). Sentence in my head on waking: use one’s ability to serve to enter into a relationship with others and please them. [00.20.15, E5, 30 C]


219. I was in Switzerland with my husband and my daughter, and some friends who are potters. We left a village to go to Geneva by bicycle. It was fairly far. We had to cross mountains and countryside. We arrived in Geneva at lunchtime. The weather was nice. I said to myself that we had to eat and I remarked that I had forgotten my Swiss money at the house. Happily, my father was with us and he was able to help us out. We passed by the end of the lake, the two shores, etc. We did a half-turn and we stopped at a vendor selling early vegetables. He had magnificent melons, in fact, everything was beautiful (fruits, vegetables). Then we realized he was also a restaurateur. We chose fruits and vegetables, he cooked them and we ate them right there. I’ve never seen that. We started to choose and I remarked that my daughter wasn’t there. The others told me she had continued on. Worried, I ask them if she had seen that we had stopped. They claimed she had, and that she would come back, she couldn’t go very far. So I went back to choosing these magnificent fruits and vegetables. [10.00.00, E10, 12 C]


220. Again the feet in the water! I am on the edge of a river with my oldest daughter (7 years old). On the other side, there is a house lit up and to get to it you have to cross a bridge made of rubber rafts. My daughter wants to cross, but I don’t. Before I have time to react, she is already crossing the river. At that moment a band of armed men come out of the house (which is large and imposing) ready to do anything for their peace. They take my daughter and I am paralyzed, petrified. I am so afraid, I force myself to wake up. [21.00.00, E8, 12 C]


Danger, pursuit


221. I was with my sister in a hotel, on the seashore in a country with lots of sun. On the same level, but at the other end of the hallway, my husband Philippe’s parents were on vacation.

My sister was being followed, therefore so was I, by some James Bond type men. We had been running all night and we arrived around 7:00 a.m. My sister didn’t want to rest, or shower, but stayed on the lookout ready to run. I told her to shower so she could rest better (we both had our period).

I went to the bathroom, it was more of a cupboard like the toilets on airplanes with lots of compartments. I saw myself on the toilet, the blood etc., and all the time I was talking with my sister trying to reason with her. In the end she joined me in the shower. In the shower there was a window overlooking the street. We were very high in the building, lots of light. [03.00.00, E10, 12 C]


222. It was the first time I’d had a little nightmare: someone was pursuing me and my daughters, and this woman was trying to kill us with some kind of metal hooks. We had to use all our cunning to escape her and I think we succeeded. I think I knew the woman. [35.00.00, E18, 30 C]


(see also 252 and 253)


Upwards, downwards


223. Dreamed of ascending and descending: I climb to the top of a mountain and then I go back down to a field. [03.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]


224. I had to go help at a market. I didn’t want to go but I went anyway. There was a kind of small métro (rapid rail transit) and I wasn’t able to get on it, so I ran behind. At one point, I had to go down a very steep staircase and I managed it, very surprised that I hadn’t had any vertigo: amazing! there were a lot of people. [14.00.00, E18, 30 C]


(See also 225, 228, and 238)



225. We are sharing a house with Catherine (a friend). She decides to clean the top of the kitchen cupboards. There are two, one on top of the other, the second is just balanced on top. They are very high and narrow. She climbs on the radiator. I come in then and ask her to get down as it isn’t solid. At that moment she falls, lands on her back and the top cupboard falls on her. I rush over, but she isn’t hurt. [06.00.00, E5, 30 C]


226. I find myself in a room and instinctively know that this room or this house is going to fall. Then everything falls and I protect myself under a big desk or a large wooden box. I am not afraid and I know nothing will happen to me. [07.00.00, E18, 30 C]


227. I dreamed that we wanted to redo the ceiling of the house, so I tried to touch the paint and the whole ceiling fell down. That bothered me a lot because we were having guests that night. [36.00.00, E18, 30 C]


(See also 246)


Unstable equilibrium


228. High white ceilings, a room where a stepladder is needed to clean the windows, a long white and green ceiling. The windows had to be done from outside, but to do so you had to climb a wall, and from on top of the wall, with a handle, wash the windows. Very acrobatic. [18.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]


229. To continue on my way, I had to throw myself in a stream with very little water running countercurrent. The water was very cold, but it didn’t bother me, and that surprised me during my dream, usually I hate cold water. Then someone made me take a shortcut instead of going by the usual route over large plastic cubes that were not very stable (no danger). [02.00.00, E18, 30 C]


(See also 220, 225, and 255)


Water, sea, beach


230. I was with my 7 year old daughter, near a marsh. Water flowed through the valves, up to now everything was normal. We had to close the valves, but a young girl couldn’t do it and the water started flooding in.

The dream was unpleasant, without being scary. [19.00.00, E8, 12 C]


231. I spent the night in the water again tonight: I know that I had my feet in the water to my ankles and there was a question of hen’s eggs. [20.00.00, E8, 12 C]


232. I am at the beach with some unknown children. The beach is immense, we play and jump in the water. Everything is happy. [40.00.00, E8, 12 C]


233. Dream of pregnancy: a beautiful girl gives birth in the water to a lovely little girl. [05.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]


(See also 220, 221, 229, 238, 239, and 251)


Marvelous place


234. I am in a room with my daughters and my niece and I’m trying to get everyone in bed. I go out of my room and am in a hotel. As I go out, I meet my friends, two people I like a lot. We go for a ride. We are in a marvelous place in the mountains with a view of the sea. We come to a small village with wood cottages. In the street there are piles of fresh meat everywhere. It is the day when people slaughter their pigs, cows etc. There are kittens coming up to be petted, and there is a pig walking about with no skin. I am surprised, because the pig doesn’t seem to be suffering. Even when I wake up, I am still impressed by the beauty of the countryside and this village I dreamed about. [30.00.00, E18, 30 C]


(See also 251)


Vegetation, plants


235. Dream of green plants: I make a garden, pots with beautiful plants. [07.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]


(See also 237 and 266)


Light, luminosity


236. Dream of make-up: I was being made up, it illuminated my face and eyes, it was discreet, pretty. [07.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]


237. There was greenery, a small garden, my sisters, the raising of a gate to come and visit me in my home, two people who came to my home. There was medicine in a letter box. At the end I found myself with a ring, a band, a diamond wedding band, simple, luminous, very pretty, like the make-up. Flashes of light were coming from the wedding band. [18.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]


(See also 221 and 262)




238. Going up in an elevator to come down. In this one there were toilets that everyone could see in. I wanted to pee and I started to do so. I was passing blood and water and it embarrassed me a lot that others could see, so I tried to hide my face. I waited for everyone to go before I left. Then I went to buy chocolates. I had a bottle of champagne and a fur coat in my hand even though it wasn’t cold. My husband joined me in the store and we left together to take a plane, a very bizarre plane which only had two outside seats. We sat on these seats and the plane took off. It flew just above the ground and we had to hold on with our hands so as not to fall. Just before landing, Daniel fell in the water with all his things. The plane landed on a sheet of ice and Daniel was already arriving with his feet all wet. He then asked for help fishing out his things, but while waiting people wanted to give him warm things. Then they put grease on various parts of his body and they put his sex in the grease. [12.00.00, E18, 30 C]

(See also 252 and 263)


Children, young girls, and adolescents


239. I am accompanying a group of teenagers to the beach. In the changing rooms, I start by losing some things and when I am in the water, night falls abruptly. Although the water is calm, I can’t get back to the beach and I can’t see anything any more. A young girl comes to reassure me and I touch bottom, I am back. [18.00.00, E8, 12 C]


240. I am with my family (husband and children) on the overhang of a house with a garden and I am looking at another family that is going to move into this house. Two young girls meet and throw their arms around each other (one in the house, the other getting out of the car). That is when my oldest daughter recognizes one of her friends and they decide to climb over the parapet and to go down the wall into the garden. I am afraid for her and at the same time I have confidence in her. I don’t move. [21.00.00, E8, 12 C]


(See also 230, 232, 233, and 265)


Wedding, communion


241. I am going to a wedding (I don’t know whose) and I have forgotten an important meeting that I had that evening at the school (in real life). [06.00.00, E8, 12 C]


242. I am preparing my youngest sister’s wedding (who has already been married a year and a half ago and just had a baby): I have to find some tulle to make the little bags for the dragées. [57.00.00, E8, 12 C]


243. I had to go somewhere for work, style a week-end. It was fairly far. My husband was with me. We took my car. We traveled at night, already returning. My husband didn’t feel well. We had to find a restaurant that would still serve us. Finally, after several tries, I found a restaurant that would still take care of us. To thank them, my husband gave them a lot of money (he had to eat to feel better). Surprisingly he paid them in lira.

He also wanted to make me happy and we found ourselves in a very stylish clothing store. He placed a one meter long bank note on the table in front of the salesman, and told him to find me something nice. Out of curiosity I went up to look at the amount of money: 1 million lira. I started to look. I wanted to choose a dress or a jacket that would really make me happy, not the styles that the saleswoman was showing me (too conventional). I noticed a blue dress, a little pale, in lace with a transparent plastic raincoat that would look nice for a wedding and which cost 2 million lira. It wasn’t suitable, but it was very pretty.

I don’t know what I chose, I woke up before. [06.00.00, E10, 12 C]


244. I was at a friend’s house. There were a lot of people there (the family), because it was her twin girls’ communion. As I was just passing by, I was embarrassed because I didn’t have a gift for the girls. And then my friend introduced her twin boys (which she doesn’t really have) of the same age who were also having their communion. I told myself that I would have some gifts to give! [08.00.00, E10, 12 C]





245. Two groups from two different oriental philosophies give themselves a challenge (not violent) while the two master, very cheerful, confront each other over checkers. [03.00.00, E5, 30 C]


246. I am in a sect. The guru is dressed in white. I know most of the disciples. The temple looks like a little pigeon loft. There is no order, it’s anarchy and we’re talking about it among ourselves. The guru makes us do things that are innocent and childish (children’s song, etc.). I refuse to submit and, with an exaggerated, theatrical humility, I explain the basis of my thinking to him. He is confused, the others also. Then he takes up his train of thought and suddenly, everybody scatters because the temple is collapsing. I look up and see the roof framing give way.

I leave and exult over this farce. The atmosphere of this dream is very childish and gay. For once, I was able to stand up to a caricature of the "hierarchy."

In my dreams there is always a crowd, in this one also, but I achieved my aims, and in my usual dreams I am not able to do so. [01.00.00, E8, 12 C]


247. I was in a large group of pilgrims who were going into a cathedral, in the country. There were two other buildings beside the cathedral. I was in one of the two buildings. We had to go into the cathedral for the pilgrimage (go in, go around it, and leave). There was such a crowd that it was hard to move forward. Everyone was stuck to one another, going back into the other building after. There was Philippe (my husband) and my parents. They wanted to leave, but we had to wait for another friend named Sophia, but in the dream her name is Marie. I look in the two buildings to see if I can find her. There is also a large crowd. I look, I look, I call her … At the end I am shouting her name: Marie, Marie … I then go towards the cathedral and find her coming back. "I have been waiting for two hours," I tell her. She answers, "I know, I had people to see. Anyway, your father has a problem with money."

In the dream I was very calm. Even if I was shouting at the end, I wasn’t upset. [04.00.00, E10, 12 C]


248. I dreamt I saw a friend again, a very good friend, even though he didn’t seem happy to see me. But I was. It was someone important to me because he brought me to a spiritual reflection. [06.00.00, E18, 30 C]


Crowd, meeting


249. I am going with my family to my parents who have lent us their apartment. I am on the stairs and I have reached the 4th floor. There are a crowd of people I don’t know, sitting quietly with their baggage and provisions. They are waiting for someone to open up the apartment below for them. The atmosphere is calm and orderly. [15.00.00, E8, 12 C]


250. There were a lot of people, thousands of people in a hall. I don’t know what was going on. The only thing that I remember, is that they were all provers of the remedy. [01.00.00, E10, 12 C]


251. There were a lot of people at my house, potters (Annick, Sylviane ...). We were leaving to go on tour, an adventure tour. We found ourselves in a maze of highways, bridges, tunnels, métros. Everything was gray, a gray jungle.

After I was at home where Annick was spreading out some clothes she had washed by hand. I had lent her my room, but I needed a few odds and ends. I told her she could put her clothes outside. I had everything necessary, but she thought it was all right like that (in my room and it was also my bathroom).

We are on the beach. In a fringed travel bag I had (for my husband, my daughter, and myself), the passports and I don’t know what else. My husband wanted to go to the island opposite us. I thought it was a good idea. However, I see them go into the sea clothed, Jean-Claude, my first employer, in the lead. The trick was to swim there. My travel bag was in my way, but I swam holding it out of the water. It was a hell of a long way. I had thought we would go by boat.

When we arrived, it was crazy! there were pathways in the forests, torrents, it was very pretty. But the people! With each step, we had to watch where we put our feet. People were sitting or lying, picnicking everywhere. My husband took the lead to take us to a pretty spot. At one point we had to cross a little river. I asked my husband to help me, to take a bag. He takes it, throws it in the water, then gets in the water to cross over. I was furious! I took so much trouble coming to the island so nothing would get wet and he just threw it in the river! I politely point this out to him. We arrived at the pretty spot on the river’s edge, and set up our picnic. Who was beside us? Some friends with their children. We kissed one another, I said it’s a small world. [14.00.00, E10, 12 C]


(See also 224, 244, 246, and 247)


Father, savior


252. Nightmare: we were leaving on an airplane trip with friends, but I don’t know who. The plane had no roof, a propeller in the front and an other in the rear. We sat on benches. The pilot was someone who had recently sold us a car. When I looked back we were on water, and when I looked forward we were on a plane. I looked back, the girls started to shout and when I turned around, the pilot had a weapon pointed at us. Then, in a house, the pilot threatened to hit us with a stick. He left, my father arrived, and we were saved. [02.00.00, E2, 12 C


253. I was in front of a restaurant and I saw two men I had known long ago. They wanted to ask me something, but I don’t know what they wanted. Then they hurt me. I didn’t want to tell my husband. However the next day, I had to go to this place again with my husband and when I saw the two men, I told Daniel what had happened the day before. He went in to telephone but he didn’t come out. I waited before asking a big man to help me. I found Daniel hurt and the man took care of him. While he was examining his injuries, I saw them as if on a spotted cat. We left there having decided to put an end to these attacks and I woke up. [03.22.35, E18, 30 C]


(See also 239)



Sharing, loan


254. We are having a coffee together and we each have two different chocolates, a man asks us for them and we each give him one. [06.00.00, E5, 30 C]


255. I was walking on stilts. I was with friends on a little path, I found it very pleasant. I lent my stilts to a friend who had a lot of difficulty using them. [56.00.00, E8, 12 C]


256. I went to Venice. With me were my husband, my partner, a potter, and an old friend from Switzerland (she studied with me at the ceramics school). We went to Venice, as a group of potter friends were there. But we didn’t want to run into them.

We had the address of a hotel. Once there, it was a rotten hotel, moreover, the city was flooded. We went in without being seen, to look, to possibly find another address (in secret) and finally we called someone from reception. There was only one free room left. The person decided we had to share it. [08.00.00, E10, 12 C]


(See also 249, 251, 257, and 264)




257. Erotic dream. There was a woman with my husband and me. She seemed to be his accomplice. We were all three in an immense bed. The woman was somehow preparing me to receive my husband. [28.00.00, E10, 12 C]


258. I had an erotic dream where I saw myself making love. I have the feeling I was a bit of a nymphomaniac in this dream. [25.00.00, E18, 30 C]


259. I had an erotic adventure, I was a man again and I brought this gentle creature home where I live in peace, going with delight from one to the other. (00.XX.XX, E20, 12 C]




260. I see my parents-in-law. My mother-in-law has medium long hair (it is really very short) and I fix it for her. I put it in curlers, I do my own hair too. I have the feeling that her hair is not on her head, like a wig.

In my dreams at the beginning of the proving, I saw people I had not seen for years, but now I see people I know now. I saw a lot of people again tonight: the more it goes on, the more I see people I have met recently. [27.00.00, E18, 30 C]


(See also 236 and 246)


Happy ending, absence of danger, of seriousness


261. I told myself everything is back as it should be and I can participate in another proving. I don’t know why, I have a meeting with Mrs. Thélème who proposes a new proving. I have a funny feeling that there is no danger, and at the same time a feeling of satisfaction for having properly evaluated things. [13.00.00, E8, 12 C]


262. I was in Japan with a Japanese woman who seemed to be my manager. It must have been summer because it was beautiful, hot, a lot of light from the sun and I was barefoot in flip-flops.

We were in the home of an old lady who must have been someone important and respected. She was dressed in tones of indigo blue and what struck me most, were her shoes (socks?). They were indigo with a beige pattern, a kind of fabric around the foot, the style was a strap around the big toe. I said to myself that I would like to take these shoes home if I could find them.

I don’t know why we went to this woman’s house, but on leaving, I forgot my flip-flops. I told my manager who wished me well, because after leaving, we no longer had the right to go back. I returned like a thief, and passed the "trial" without being discovered.

I found myself on the Xth floor of a big store with my manager to talk with someone about I don’t know what, and just like that was asked if there was something I would like. So I mentioned the shoes. A saleswoman came back with four different pairs, but not what I was looking for. So with a lot of tact, I described what I wanted and was shown two pairs, but they still weren’t right. So I looked at the size, it was a 36, too small. But I was told it was the largest size. So it was a good way to get out of an awkward situation. While waiting, my manager finished what had to be done and we left. [17.00.00, E10, 12 C]


263. I was in a foreign country, Japan, I think, with my parents and my sister, and friends of my parents. We had to take the plane to go back. It was a panic to leave. There was always someone who wasn’t ready. We were late, but as our watches had been put ahead by one hour, we continued to argue. Once at the airport, I was the one who couldn’t find my plane ticket or my passport. Finally I found … [28.00.00, E10, 12 C]


264. I had a large new 500 cc motorcycle, I had just gotten it. I was working in Golfe-Juan at a beauty parlor. A friend came to borrow it from me when I got to work, so in the evening, when I finished working, I wouldn’t have it to go home, which didn’t bother my friend. I told her to phone the person she was going to see to make sure she really expected her. In fact, the person wasn’t there so I kept my motorcycle. [30.00.00, E10, 12 C]


265. Some people I don’t know came to the house with lots of children, they drove their mini-van into my living room. The children and the mother started touching everything and opening my cupboards to take out things. I complained, and then the woman gave me a gift and left me flabbergasted. Then I woke up. [05.00.00, E18, 30 C]


266. I am a young woman on a rowboat [male prover] and I am gliding through the water in the midst of abundant, tropical vegetation, in a palpable, living light, neither day nor night. I feel that this countryside presents no danger. (00.XX.XX, E20, 12 C]


(See also 219, 222, 224, 225, 226, 229, 239, 240, 246, and 247)


Double, twins


267. Bastien’s mother (a child from the classroom) takes me home by car and shows me a child’s car seat that she has just bought. It is a double seat, which seats a small child and a larger one side by side, using only one fixation point on the back seat. Eureka! It’s what I am looking for in real life, especially because you can put 2 seats like this on the seat and have four children (she will soon be leaving on vacation with 4 children). [01.00.00, E8, 12 C]


(See also 240, 244, 245, 254, and 262)




268. I saw Eléa (my daughter) go into a field of wheat. It was not to get lost but to strengthen herself. [01.00.00, E5, 30 C]


269. My oldest daughter wakes up covered with red blotches and hives. Her tongue also changes appearance while we look at it, it goes from raspberry red to a pimply look like chicken pox ("I’ve got to take her to a doctor"). [05.00.00, E8, 12 C]


270. I was at the vernissage which was to take place next Wednesday at Seillans. Finally, I had an enormous piece of black-streaked green marble that I had polished brought in. It represented a car, a model from the 1950s, coming out of a block of stone. One meter long, intact, complete, pure lines, the back was still in the stone. At the vernissage, lots of potters. I was sick. I had to take my daughter to the dance and I forgot! [02.00.00, E10, 12 C]


271. I had to urinate. We were with friends in a park. I moved away from them. I especially remember that there was urine everywhere: on my buttocks, thighs, and legs. [20.00.00, E10, 12 C]


272. I was with my husband in Salerno (Var) in a floor tile factory. We wanted to buy some unfired ceramic tiles from Salerno so that I could decorate them and fire them myself to tile our future kitchen. At the same time, I wanted information on lava plates for the work surface, I wanted to know if I could fire them myself too. We watched the tiles being made in the tunnel kiln. I explained the production line to my husband. [26.00.00, E10, 12 C]


273. Dream that I moved to Toulon. [00.11.00, E14, 7 C]


274. Dream about a man who had a pain in his right arm, like hemiplegia. [07.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]


275. Dream about travel, the road: we went through an alley. [07.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]


276. In an amphitheatre at the faculty, people were arguing, spitting, it upset me. I called someone, "little so-and-so!" He spat in my face, I threw him to the ground and spat on his cheek, it trickled into his mouth, he wanted to vomit, I left him there. I went back to my friends. I woke up disgusted. [01.XX.XX, E17, 7 C]


277. I have gloves that go up to the elbow. [01.XX.XX, E17, 7 C]


278. I saw people I hadn’t seen for quite a few years. I chased someone from my home, someone I don’t like very much, but that I know. [15.00.00, E18, 30 C]






279. Sensation of trembling inside neck. Intolerance to cold and hypersensitive to touch. [00.06.12, E5, 30 C]

280. Body hot, cheeks hot, and extremities cold, hands cold. [00.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]

281. Shivers in the upper half of the body at 11 p.m. [01.XX.XX, E15, 7 C]

282. Sensation of cold at 9:00 p.m. [01.13.15, E5, 30 C]

283. Vertigo and intolerance to cold. [07.XX.XX, E5, 30 C]

284. Bursts of heat without sweating or redness, with interior excitation like after coffee despite desire to sleep, disappeared on undressing, at various times during the day (5th day of menses). [01.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

285. Intolerance to cold. [00.13.00, E18, 30 C]







286. Excellent mental and physical shape. [02.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

287. Good spirits and drive. [03.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

288. Putting things away, filing things, organizing things that are late. [01.XX.XX, E5, 30 C]

289. Works quickly and efficiently, but tired at night. [03.XX.XX, E5, 30 C]

290. Takes care of things that are late (filing, putting away, bills) or not done for a long time (oil paint). Very tired at night. [04.XX.XX, E5, 30 C]

291. Despite a lot of difficulty waking up (compared with usual habit), she had a lot of energy during the day for 15 days in comparison with the start of the experiment (she used to be sleepy during the day): "it was as if it was harder to get up but more energy after the warm-up," "I was unbeatable."[30.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

292. No drop in energy, which usually happened around 7:00 p.m. for one hour (duration: 8 days). [00.10.00, E11, 30 C]

293. Lots of activity with household duties and intellectual activities, started revising an examination. "Nothing was hard, everything came easy," "energy flowed easily." Felt very fluid mentally and very active physically. [00.XX.XX, E14, 7 C]

294. Lots of physical activity: housework, gardening, arranging cupboards, sorting out; need to put things in order. [03.XX.XX, E14, 7 C]




295. Lots of activity (big jobs, housework, etc.); lots of energy, but tired starting 6:30 p.m. [01.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

296. Tired. [13.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

297. Feels like she is dragging herself around, but spirits are still good. [14.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

298. Very tired at night. [15.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

299. Extreme tiredness and migraine afternoon and evening, tension and pain in the nape. [16.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

300. Tired in the afternoon. [17.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

301. Extreme tiredness every day. [12.XX.XX, E5, 30 C]

302. Extreme tiredness for several days with intercostal pains. [18.XX.XX, E4, 7 C]

303. Wave of tiredness at 2:00 p.m. for 5 to 10 minutes with somnolence; the next day, wave of tiredness at noon. [00.07.05, E10, 12 C]

304. Wave of tiredness at 3:30 p.m. with nausea. [04.08.30, E10, 12 C]

305. Wave of tiredness at 2:30 p.m. and the next day at 3:15 p.m. [05.07.30, E10, 12 C]

306. Nausea until 2:30 p.m. and extreme tiredness. Wanted to go lie down in the evening because exhausted; same thing the afternoon and evening of the next day. [12.07.30, E10, 12 C]

307. Abrupt increase of tiredness, has become permanent since taking the doses, with intense drowsiness during courses (often after the noon meal). [XX.XX.XX, E17, 7 C]


Direction of symptoms


308. Sensation that symptoms went from the bottom to the top. [06.XX.XX, E8, 12 C]

309. Sinusitis symptoms developed in reverse order compared to usual: from the bottom to the top (sore throat, then shivers, burning eyes, bar across the forehead (of iron), nose running drop by drop). [04.XX.XX, E10, 12 C]

310. Symptoms more marked on the left side. [04.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]




311. Sensation of having drunk (alcohol) with trembling legs (30 minutes after 2nd dose). [00.07.15, E5, 30 C]

312. Sensation of faintness on going up to bathroom, ameliorated by sitting. [13.17.00, E10, 12 C]

313. Sensation of fullness in all the body and the occiput, except the extremities. [02.XX.XX, E18, 30 C]

314. Need for water: took a bath which relaxed her. [02.XX.XX, E14, 7 C]

315 Reappearance of old symptoms (4 to 5 years): painful menses, headaches, acne. [06.XX.XX , E17, 7 C]





Symptoms in bold type were observed in several provers.




Feeling of great mastery of one’s body and mind. Sensation of well-being, of fluidity, of ease, of lightness. Cheerfulness and inner calmness.

Dynamic energy, great physical and mental activity.

Elation, euphoria, laughter, giggles, loquacity; as from drunkenness.

Singing on waking; on washing; at work.

Confusion in time. Inversion of things. Forgetting and lateness for appointments.

Desire for quietness, to put things and thoughts in order.

Irritability; at the slightest contradiction; without spitefulness.

Sadness, depression; on evening. Aversion for work, desire to do nothing.




Vertigo; with nausea; with tiredness; with intolerance to cold; on morning.




Headache with tightness of temples; right side; during menses. Stitching pain from the outside to the inside in the left temple, agg. bending head. Pain as from a nail above the left temple.

Sensation of pressure; of band agg. from noise.

Headache starting in the corner of the right orbital cavity, spreading above the eyebrows and the temples.




Smarting and watering with sleepiness during the day.

Sensibility of the muscles behind the eyes when moving the eyes.

Stye under the left eye.

Pain in the right eye. Stitching pain from outside to inside of the right eye.




Sensation of veil before the eyes: with gray and dim vision; while watching television; while driving at night. Sensation of white mist before the eyes.

Vision diminished of the right eye, followed by a sensation of clearer, more luminescent vision.




Sharp and brief pain in the right ear.

Sensation of water; weeping in the right ear.

Hissing in the left ear, as if an air-bubble would empty.




Sensitiveness of the upper edges of the nose, with desire to rub.

Fleeting burning inside the nose.




Pimples: on the chin; under the chin; symmetrical; on the inside corner of the right eyebrow ; on the temples.




Pimple at the back of the palate. Aphtae inside the lips: upper on the right with swelling of the lip and the cheek; lower; with swelling of the lip. Pimples on the edges of the tongue: right side; left side.

Pricking on the palate with thirst. Dry mouth with thirst.

Impression of the teeth on the tip of the tongue.




Pain in the premolars: lower left and upper right.




Trembling sensation inside the neck.




The homeopathic doses taste very sweet or salty.

Desire for chocolate which amel. or agg. the nausea; for salad; for fresh fruits; for ice-cream. Desire for bread despite the difficulty to digest it; for starches.

Great thirst for fresh water; for tea; for warm or cold beverages. Thirst accompanying the pain and the heat of the abdomen; around the navel.

Eructations: during the day (on morning; after the meals; in the afternoon); with gas and heaviness in the stomach; with nausea.

Bitterness in the throat on evening.

Pain in the stomach.

Nausea: on waking; before or after the breakfast; in the morning; after the lunch; in the afternoon; after dinner; on going to bed; with hungry sensation; amel. or agg. after having eaten chocolate; agg. from pressure; while driving; with tiredness; with vertigo; with abdominal pains; with contractions of the stomach.




Sensation of a stitch in the liver at the base of the right lobe.

Lancinating pains in the abdomen around the navel; below and to the left of the navel; with swelling and gas.

Pain and sensation of heat below and to the left of the navel; in the waist area; below the last rib to the left; with thirst; with heaviness and swelling of the abdomen.

Bloating; with spasms which wake and nausea; after the meals. Gurgling.

Stitching pain in the right groin agg. on walking, to the right then to the left.




Gas with incomplete stool. Constipation.




Pains in the ovaries: very sharp in the right ovary; in the left ovary and in the appendix; in both ovaries.

Pain on each side of the uterus on bending down; in the abdomen after coition; twisting pain in the abdomen with brown discharge.

Flushes of heat without sweat nor redness with internal excitement.

Menses diminished on 3rd and 4th days of the cycle and shorter.

Sexual drive diminished or lacking. Vaginal dryness during the coition.




Stabbing pain on the right side below the ribs; at and below the last right rib, front and back; while sitting. Acute and persistent intercostal pain, with tiredness. Pain going from the chest to the back through the body.

Sensation of tightness at the waist or at the last ribs on both sides; like a squeeze; with sensation of heat; with a need to breathe deeply. Tightness of the chest like being squeezed in a corset.




Loosing sensation of the muscles of the back with need to support the back and to lay down. Sensation of blow to the spinal column from the nape of the neck to the lower back.

Dorsolumbar pain. Dorsal pain on the right side, agg. when stooping or lying down; amel. by straightening up.

Lancinating pain under the blades: on the right side while sitting, amel. by standing up; on the left side while turning over.

Pain in the nape of neck with sensation of tension; of tightening and stiffness.




Stitching on the inside surface of the left wrist. Pain in the right wrist.

Numbness of hands: in the right hand; on the inside edge of the left hand and in the 5th finger.

Cramps in hands: in the left hand while driving; on the inside edge of the right hand and in the 5th finger; in the palm of the left hand; in the metacarpal eminence on clenching.

Pain in the left hip.

Pulsation in the muscles of the buttocks while sitting. Cramps in the right buttock. Pain in the right buttock like a stretching.

Sciatic pain in the right leg, agg. standing and walking, amel. sitting.

Pricking pain in the left knee with cracking on moving it. Numbness of the knee, then of the toes while driving. Involuntary movement of the left kneecap.

Cramps in the right calf; agg. legs stretched, amel. legs bent.

Numbness of feet: in the front of the right foot and in the toes with formication, while sitting; in the left foot while standing.

Cramps under the feet: under the left foot in the front of the heel; then under the right foot; then under both feet.




Sleepiness: between 4 and 8 p.m.; at 6 p.m.; while driving at 11 p.m.

Waking on night at 3:15 a.m.; at 4 a.m.




Dreams of disappearance, of kidnapping: that her daughter disappears in a village; that her daughter is being kidnapped by armed men.

Dreams of being chased: by secret agents; by a women armed with iron hooks.

Dreams of being threatened: by an armed man; by two men known for long.

Dreams of being rescued: by her father; by a young girl; by a strong man.

Dreams to be very high: in a building; on a mountain; on a stepladder; on a wall; on stilts.

Dreams of airplane: of a bizarre airplane with two seats outside; of an airplane with a propeller in the front and an other in the rear; to be in an airport.

Dreams of going up and down: of climbing to the top of a mountain and going back down to a field; of climbing on a heater and falling down again; of “going up in an elevator to come down”.

Dreams of collapse: of kitchen cupboards; of the house she is in; of the ceiling she is repainting; of the temple of a sect.

Dreams of unstable equilibrium: of crossing a river on rubber rafts; of two stacked cupboards precariously balanced; of washing windows from the top of a wall; of walking on unstable plastic cubes; of walking with stilts.

Dreams of water: of walking upstream a river; of water flowing through valves near a marsh; of having the feet in water to the ankles; of being on an immense beach and playing in water; of accompanying teenagers to the beach; of swimming fully dressed towards an island; of her husband falling into the water; of gliding through the water on a rowboat; of a childbirth in water.

Dreams of shower and of bathroom: of taking a shower with her sister; that her room is a bathroom also.

Dreams of urinating: of urinating water and blood; of having urine everywhere.

Dreams of marvelous places: of a marvelous place in the mountains with a view of the sea; of an island with torrents and paths in the forest; of a nice place on the side of a river.

Dreams of plants and vegetation: of green plants in pots; of greenery and of little garden; of abundant, tropical vegetation.

Dream of nice fruits and vegetables.

Dreams of light: of make-up that illuminates the eyes; of lots of light on the top of a building; of a diamond wedding band that gives out flashes of light; of very luminous weather from the sun; of palpable, living light.

Dreams of children, of little girls, of teenagers: of being with her daughter; of playing with unknown children; of little girls meeting again; of twins children; of the communion of twins; of accompanying a group of teenagers; of children touching everything.

Dreams of wedding and communion: of going to a wedding; of preparing her sister’s wedding; of a wedding dress; of twin children’s communion.

Dreams of spirituality: of a sect directed by a ridiculous guru; of groups of oriental spirituality; of a gathering of pilgrims in front of a cathedral; of calling “Mary” a friend who bears an other name; of a friend who had led her to spirituality.

Dreams of crowds: of a crowd of unknown people; of a dense crowd of pilgrims; of thousands of provers in a room; of having lots of people at home; of crowds of people on an island.

Dreams of sharing: a house with a friend; a hotel room with friends; chocolate with a man; her husband with an other woman; of loaning: her room to a friend; her stilts to a friend; her motorcycle to a friend.

Dreams of eroticism: to be in bed with her husband and an other woman; to make love; with two women (for a man).

Dream of being a woman (for a man).

Dreams that things have a happy ending, that they are without danger or seriousness: “I think we succeeded”; “she falls down but she is not hurt”; “I know nothing will happen to me”; “without danger”; “this countryside presents no danger”; “my father saved us”; “I am afraid and at the same time I have confidence”; “everything is back as it should be”; “it was a good way to get out of an awkward situation”.

Dreams of twins, of double characters or objects: of the communion of twin girls and twin boys; of two little girls; of two spiritual masters; of two different chocolates; of two pairs of shoes; of two double children seats.




Body hot with hot cheeks and cold extremities.

Intolerance to cold; with hypersensitiveness to be touched; with vertigo.

Chills in the upper half body at 11 p.m.




Great physical and moral energy, great activity in domestic and intellectual duties (filing, putting away, housework, gardening, revising an examination, oil painting); with tiredness on evening.

Great or extreme tiredness in the afternoon and/or on evening; or permanent.

The symptoms go from the bottom to the top and are more marked on the left side.

Sensation of drunkenness with trembling legs.

Sensation of fullness in all the body, except the extremities.

Sensation of faintness on going upstairs, amel. by sitting.

Desire for taking a bath, which amel.





Neptunium’s picture evokes the upward and downward movement of a great wave or of a cyclone that lifts up everything in its wake, then lets it drop to the ground. On the physical level the provers felt borne by an unusual energy that brought them a sensation of fluidity, ease, well-being, and self-mastery, without any excitation and quite similar to a state of grace, as if they could transcend their physical limits for a while. A prover reported that she literally flew during an acrobatics session. This state of plenitude brought about a greater physical and intellectual activity in the daytime, resulting in tiredness at the end of the day and in the evening, at first without change of mood. Then the tiredness intensified progressively over about two weeks as the energy weakened.


The same pattern was observed on the mental level, as some provers experienced a period of strong exaltation of mood expressed by elation, laughter, singing, as if they had reached a height that put them beyond the reach of adversity. A prover felt a real elation, even though she had serious worries about her husband’s health. The notion of elevation can be found again in the dreams (the top of a ladder, of a shelf, of a building, of a mountain, walking with stilts, flying in a little airplane) and is related to an intense light (cf. the clearer and more luminous vision). However, the euphoria was mixed with sensations of drunkenness, or of having taken drugs. Mental confusion and instability spread (cf. precarious balance in dreams, trembling sensations in neck and legs) and revealed the illusive and artificial nature of the state of consciousness the provers experienced (cf. the bogus spiritual master, the make-up, the wig, or the veil in front of eyes). Then comes the return to reality, which can happen smoothly—some provers reported that they have felt more patient and calm since the proving—or can involve sadness and irritability, as if paradise had been lost (cf. the wonderful places in dreams). The collapse of the roof and the ceiling may illustrate the fall that follows the loss of illusions.

On the psychological level, numerous aspects of the remedy refer to the notion of childishness. Particularly in the dreams, the subject shows a lack of discernment by putting himself into hazardous situations, in which only the intervention of a third party allows a happy outcome, as if he were a child waiting for his father to come to save him. From this point of view, the many dreams involving children can be interpreted as projections of the self into childhood, with the heedless attitude towards danger and the expectation of providential help that characterize this period of life.

Neptunium seems to produce a loss at the sensorial level (veiled vision, stopped ears and nose, lack of sexual desire) as well as at the intellectual level (lapses of memory, confusion) in favor of a more or less illusive spiritual pursuit (sect, religious gathering in dreams), since it only permits a glimpse of light. The large crowds in the dreams could be related to the desire to lose one’s own identity by merging into the crowd, just as salt dissolves in sea water (cf. salty taste). Finally, as foreshadowed by the very name of the remedy, water is actually present throughout the proving (sea, river, marsh, sensation of water in ear, thirst for fresh water, etc.).


Neptunium muriaticum will be particularly suitable for persons who evade reality and take refuge in illusion, for instance for those who are continually enthusiastic over vague or groundless projects and leave things to other people, rather than assuming their own responsibilities.


As was the case with Plutonium, Neptunium seems to be a faithful homeopathic reflection of the mythological god and of the astrological symbol.



* *






How to order the remedy



Neptunium muriaticum is available from the 9 C to the 10 000 K potency from:


Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy

97, Camden Road

Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2QR (United Kingdom)
Phone: +44 18 92 53 63 93            Fax : +44 18 92 54 68 50


Préparatoire des Archers

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Phone: +33 326 55 65 83                 Fax : +33 326 51 52 74


Laboratoire Homéopathique D. Schmidt-Nagel S.A.

Rue Pré-Bouvier, 27

CH-1217 Meyrin/Geneva (Switzerland)

Phone: +41 22 719 19 19               Fax : +41 22 719 19 20



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The authors



Didier Lustig, Astrologer and researcher in homeopathy.

Address: 7, rue du Cardinal Mercier – 75009 Paris, France

Phone: +33 149 95 05 99

E-mail: didier.lustig@libertysurf.fr


Born in 1956. Astrologer (consulting and teaching) since 1987 in Nice and Paris. Attending the Hahnemannian School of Fréjus (Dr. Didier Grandgeorge) since 1994 and the GEHU (Dr. Philippe Servais). Focusing on the connections between astrological symbols and homeopathic remedies. Special interest for radioactive elements.


Homeopathic works:

Providing Jeremy Sherr with plutonium and americium materials for provings.

Translation into French of his leading work “Dynamics and Methodology of homeopathic Provings” and of the provings of Plutonium nitricum and Germanium metallicum.

Studies of homeopathic remedies: Plutonium nitricum, Androctonus amoreuxii hebraeus, Agraphis nutans, Ustilago maydis, Germanium metallicum.

Organization of Hahnemannian provings: Neptunium muriaticum (1999), Ultrasonics (2001).


Dr. Jacques Rey (MD), Homeopathic pediatrician in Saint-Raphaël.

Address: 47, rue Charles Gounod – 83700 Saint-Raphaël, France

Phone: +33 494 95 30 40

E-mail: doc.jacquesrey@wanadoo.fr


Born in 1945. Co-founder of the Hahnemannian School of Fréjus in 1980. Private practice in Saint-Raphaël and homeopathic consultation at the Hôpital Nord of Marseilles. Teaching of homeopathy at the College of Medicine of Marseilles.

Focusing on psychology and familial psychotherapy. Lecturer and contributor to the main homeopathic meetings in France for over 20 years.





As this remedy is awaiting clinical confirmations, the authors will be grateful to the homeopaths who would care to transmit their cured cases to us.


The full proving is also available in French (La Pathogénésie de Neptunium muriaticum).





After Synthesis 8.0



MIND - Absentminded

MIND - Activity; desires

MIND - Anger - Easily

MIND - Brooding

MIND - Cheerful

MIND - Cheerful - Morning

MIND - Cheerful - Morning - Waking, on

MIND - Company - Aversion  to

MIND - Confident

MIND - Delusion - Drunk - is drunk; he

MIND - Ease, feeling of

MIND - Euphoria

MIND - Forgetful

MIND - Giggling

MIND - Indifference - Work -Aversion to work; with

MIND - Irritability - Contradiction - slightest; at

MIND - Late - Too late; always

MIND - Laughing

MIND - Laughing - Constant

MIND - Laughing - Drunk, as if

MIND - Laughing - Easily

MIND - Laughing - Trifles, at

MIND - Loquacity - Drunk, as if

MIND - Mental exertion - Desire for

MIND - Mirth

MIND - Mirth - Afternoon

MIND - Mistakes; making - Speaking, in - Words - Misplacing words

MIND - Mood - Agreeable

MIND - Sadness - Causeless

MIND - Sadness - Evening

MIND - Sensitive - Touch, to

MIND - Singing

MIND - Singing - Morning

MIND - Singing - Morning - On waking

MIND - Time, in

MIND - Tranquillity, serenity, calmness

MIND - Work, in


VERTIGO - Forenoon

VERTIGO - Chilliness, during

VERTIGO - Nausea, with


HEAD - Constriction - Band or hoop

HEAD - Pain - Afternoon

HEAD - Pain - Evening

HEAD - Pain - Accompanied by - Neck - Pain in - Nape of neck

HEAD - Pain - Accompanied by - Neck - Stiffness in - Nape of neck

HEAD - Pain - Accompanied by - Abdomen, pain in

HEAD - Pain - Forehead, in - Eyes - Above

HEAD - Pain - Forehead, in - Eyes - Above - Morning

HEAD - Pain - Forehead, in - Eyes - Above - Right

HEAD - Pain - Forehead, in - Eyes - Above - Extending to - Temples

HEAD - Pain - Forehead, in - Eyes - Behind

HEAD - Pain - Temples

HEAD - Pain - Temples- Menses - During

HEAD - Pain - Burning - Temples - Right

HEAD - Pain - Burning - Forehead

HEAD - Pain - Dull pain - Menses - During

HEAD - Pain - Nail, as from a - Temples

HEAD - Pain - Nail, as from a - Temples - Left

HEAD - Pain - Noise, from

HEAD - Pain - Pressing

HEAD - Pain - Pressing - Temples

HEAD - Pain - Pressing - Temples - Evening

HEAD - Pain - Pressing - Temples - Right

HEAD - Pain - Pressing - Temples - Spots, in

HEAD - Pain - Pressing - Vertex

HEAD - Pain - Pressing - Vertex - Evening

HEAD - Pain - Pressing - Forehead - Eyes - Over

HEAD - Pain - Pressing - Evening

HEAD - Pain - Pressing - Morning - Waking on

HEAD - Pain - Pressing - Band; as from a

HEAD - Pain - Stitching - Temples - Left

HEAD - Pain - Stitching - Temples - Stooping


EYE - Eruptions - Eyebrows - About - Pimples

EYE - Pain - Right

EYE - Pain - Burning - Night

EYE - Pain - Stinging

EYE - Pain - Stitching

EYE - Lachrymation

EYE - Paralysis - Lids, of - Upper - Right

EYE - Sticking lids

EYE - Styes - Left eye


VISION - Colours before the eyes - Grey veil

VISION - Colours before the eyes - White

VISION - Dim - Right

VISION - Dim - Alternating with - Clear vision

VISION - Foggy - Evening

VISION - Foggy - Driving, while


EAR - Discharge - Right

EAR - Noise - Bursting of a bubble

EAR - Pain - Meatus

EAR - Pain - Stitching

EAR - Pain - Stitching - Left

EAR - Pain - Stitching - Morning

EAR - Pain - Stitching - Afternoon

EAR - Stopped - Right

EAR - Water; sensation of - In ear


NOSE - Pain - Burning, smarting - Pepper, as from

NOSE - Pain - Burning, smarting - Wings

NOSE - Pain - Sore - Wings


FACE - Eruptions - Acne

FACE - Eruptions - Acne - Symmetrical distribution; with a

FACE - Eruptions - Pimples - Chin

FACE - Eruptions - Pimples - Forehead

FACE - Eruptions - Pimples - Forehead - Painful

FACE - Eruptions - Pimples - Forehead - Red

FACE - Eruptions - Pimples - Temples

FACE - Pain - Cheek - Right

FACE - Pain - Burning - Toothache, with

FACE - Swelling - Cheeks

FACE - Swelling - Lips - Lower

FACE - Swelling - Lips - Upper


MOUTH - Aphthae - Lip - Inside upper

MOUTH - Aphthae - Lip - Inside lower

MOUTH - Dryness - Thirst, with

MOUTH - Eruptions - Pimples - Palate

MOUTH - Eruptions - Pimples - Tongue - Sides

MOUTH - Indented - Tongue

MOUTH - Prickling - Palate

MOUTH - Prickling - Palate - Accompanied by thirst

MOUTH - Taste - Sweetish

MOUTH - Taste - Saltish


TEETH - Pain - Lower teeth - Left premolar

TEETH - Pain - Molars - Lower - Left premolar

TEETH - Pain -Molars - Upper - Right premolar

TEETH - Pain - Upper teeth - Right premolar




STOMACH - Appetite - Increased - Accompanied by - Nausea

STOMACH - Eructations

STOMACH - Eructations - Morning

STOMACH - Eructations - Afternoon

STOMACH - Eructations - Eating - After

STOMACH - Heartburn - Afternoon

STOMACH - Heartburn - Night - Midnight

STOMACH - Heartburn - Eating, after

STOMACH - Heaviness - Eating - After

STOMACH - Nausea

STOMACH - Nausea - Morning

STOMACH - Nausea - Morning - Waking, on

STOMACH - Nausea - Afternoon - 15 h

STOMACH - Nausea - Night - Lying down, after

STOMACH - Nausea - Breakfast - After

STOMACH - Nausea - Breakfast - Before

STOMACH - Nausea - Chocolate - amel.

STOMACH - Nausea - Chocolate - after

STOMACH - Nausea - Dinner - After

STOMACH - Nausea - Eating - amel.

STOMACH - Nausea - Eating - after

STOMACH - Nausea - Eructations, during

STOMACH - Nausea - Pressure - Stomach, on

STOMACH - Nausea - Riding in a carriage or on the cars, while

STOMACH - Pain - Lancinating

STOMACH - Thirst - Afternoon

STOMACH - Thirst - Accompanied by - Abdomen - pain in abdomen

STOMACH - Thirst - Accompanied by - Abdomen - heat in abdomen

STOMACH - Thirst - Accompanied by - Mouth - prickling palate

STOMACH - Thirst - Large quantities, for

STOMACH - Thirst - Breakfast - After

STOMACH - Thirst - Breakfast - Before

STOMACH - Thirst - Unquenchable


ABDOMEN - Distension

ABDOMEN - Distension - Evening

ABDOMEN - Distension - Eating - After

ABDOMEN - Distension - Flatus, passing - Amel.

ABDOMEN - Flatulence

ABDOMEN - Flatulence - Evening

ABDOMEN - Flatulence - Eating after

ABDOMEN - Heat - Morning

ABDOMEN - Heat - Forenoon

ABDOMEN - Heat - Sides

ABDOMEN - Heat - Sides - Left

ABDOMEN - Heat - Umbilicus - Region of umbilicus

ABDOMEN - Heaviness - Sides

ABDOMEN - Pain - Morning - Breakfast, before

ABDOMEN - Pain - Hypochondria - Right - Sitting for long

ABDOMEN - Pain - Liver - Lobe - Right

ABDOMEN - Pain - Sides - Ribs - Below

ABDOMEN - Pain - Umbilicus - Region of - Evening

ABDOMEN - Pain - Burning - Sides

ABDOMEN - Pain - Cramping, griping - Accompanied by - Thirst

ABDOMEN - Pain - Cramping, griping - Umbilicus - Region of

ABDOMEN - Pain - Lancinating - Umbilicus - Region of

ABDOMEN - Pain - Pressing - Accompanied by - Heat

ABDOMEN - Pain - Pressing - Sides

ABDOMEN - Pain - Stitching - Hypochondria - Right

ABDOMEN - Pain - Stitching - Hypochondria - Sitting

ABDOMEN - Pain - Stitching - Groins

ABDOMEN - Pain - Stitching - Groins - Walking

ABDOMEN - Pain - Stitching - Liver

ABDOMEN - Rumbling


RECTUM - Flatus - Evening

RECTUM - Flatus - Amel.

RECTUM - Constipation

RECTUM - Constipation - Difficult stool - Soft stool

RECTUM - Constipation - Insufficient


FEMALE - Dryness - Vagina

FEMALE - Leukorrhea - Brown

FEMALE - Leukorrhea - Brown - Menses - During

FEMALE - Menses - Scanty

FEMALE - Menses - Scanty - Three days; first

FEMALE - Pain - Ovaries

FEMALE - Pain - Ovaries - Left

FEMALE - Pain - Constricting, contracting - ovaries - right

FEMALE - Pain - Uterus - Bending

FEMALE - Pain - Uterus - Coition - After

FEMALE - Pain - Uterus - Menses - During

FEMALE - Pain - Pressing - Menses - During

FEMALE - Sexual desire - Diminished

FEMALE - Sexual desire - Wanting


COUGH - Dust, as from


CHEST - Constriction - Lower Part

CHEST - Constriction - Armor, as if from an

CHEST - Constriction - Respiration - Deep; during

CHEST - Oppression - Lower part

CHEST - Oppression - Respiration - Deep

CHEST - Pain - Accompanied by - Weakness

CHEST - Pain - Intercostal muscles

CHEST - Pain - Ribs - Between Ribs

CHEST - Pain - Cutting

CHEST - Pain - Neuralgic - Intercostal

CHEST - Pain - Stitching - Extending to - Back

CHEST - Pain - Stitching - Extending to - Chest, through

CHEST - Pain - Stitching - Ribs - Lower Ribs - Right

CHEST - Pain - Stitching - Sides - Right

CHEST - Pain - Stitching - Sides - Lower part of - Right


BACK - Pain - Lying - While

BACK - Pain - Sitting - Bent

BACK - Pain - Straightening up the back - Amel.

BACK - Pain - Cervical region - Moving - Head

BACK - Pain - Dorsal region - Extending to - Hand; ball of

BACK - Pain - Dorsal region - Scapulae - Under - Sitting, while

BACK - Pain - Dorsal region - Scapulae -Left - Under - Motion

BACK - Pain - Constricting - Cervical region

BACK - Pain - Contracting - Cervical region, nape

BACK - Pain - Lancinating - Dorsal region - Scapulae - Under - left

BACK - Pain - Pressing

BACK - Pain - Stitching - Dorsal region - Scapulae - Under - Left

BACK - Pain - Stitching - Dorsal region - Scapulae - Under - Sitting, while

BACK - Stiffness - Cervical region - Headache during

BACK - Tension - Cervical region

BACK - Weakness - Lying down - Amel.


EXTREMITIES - Pain - Stitching - Hand - Ball of

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Cramping - Toes - Motion, on

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Stitching - Lower limbs - Walking agg.

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Stitching - Knee

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Stitching - Knee - Left

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Stitching - Knee - motion, on - amel.

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Knee - Motion - amel.

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Knee - Rubbing amel.

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Tearing - Nates

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Wrist

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Wrist - Left


EXTREMITIES - Pain - Hand - Grasping anything

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Hand - Ball of

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Hand - Ball of - Grasping anything

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Lower limbs - Sciatica

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Lower limbs - Sciatica - Right

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Lower limbs - Sciatica - Sitting - amel.

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Lower limbs - Sciatica - Standing - agg.

EXTREMITIES - Pain - Lower limbs - Sciatica - Walking - agg.


EXTREMITIES - Pain - Hip - Left

EXTREMITIES - Cracking in joints - Knee

EXTREMITIES - Cracking in joints - Knee - Left

EXTREMITIES - Cracking in joints - Knee - Flexing when

EXTREMITIES - Itching - Wrist - Inner side

EXTREMITIES - Motion - Knees - Involuntary - left patella, of

EXTREMITIES - Numbness - Hand

EXTREMITIES - Numbness - Hand - Right

EXTREMITIES - Numbness - Knee

EXTREMITIES - Numbness - Knee - Left

EXTREMITIES - Numbness - Knee - Driving, while

EXTREMITIES - Numbness - Knee - Extending to - Toes

EXTREMITIES - Numbness - Foot

EXTREMITIES - Numbness - Foot - Left

EXTREMITIES - Numbness - Foot - Sitting

EXTREMITIES - Numbness - Foot - Standing

EXTREMITIES - Numbness - Foot - Toes

EXTREMITIES - Cramps - Hand

EXTREMITIES - Cramps - Hand - Grasping

EXTREMITIES - Cramps - Hand - Palms

EXTREMITIES - Cramps - Fingers - Fourth

EXTREMITIES - Cramps - Nates

EXTREMITIES - Cramps - Leg - Calf

EXTREMITIES - Cramps - Leg - Calf - Right

EXTREMITIES - Cramps - Leg - Calf - Stretching; when - Leg

EXTREMITIES - Cramps - Foot

EXTREMITIES - Cramps - Foot - Heel

EXTREMITIES - Cramps - Foot - Heel - Left

EXTREMITIES - Cramps - Foot - Sole

EXTREMITIES - Cramps - Foot - Sole - Right

EXTREMITIES - Formication - Toes

EXTREMITIES - Pulsation - Nates

EXTREMITIES - Pulsation - Nates - Sitting, while

EXTREMITIES - Trembling - Lower limbs -drunkenness, as during

EXTREMITIES - Coldness - Heat; with - Body; of

EXTREMITIES - Coldness - Heat; with - Face; of


SLEEP - Sleepiness - Evening

SLEEP - Sleepiness - Evening - 18 h

SLEEP - Sleepiness - Evening - Riding in a carriage

SLEEP - Sleepiness - Sudden

SLEEP - Waking - Night - Midnight - After - 3 h

SLEEP - Waking - Night - Midnight - After - 4 h

SLEEP - Sleeplessness - Abdominal complaints; from


DREAMS - Adolescents

DREAMS - Airplanes

DREAMS - Airplanes - on an airplane; being

DREAMS - Airports

DREAMS - Amorous

DREAMS - Amorous - Her husband and an other wife ; with

DREAMS - Amorous - Two women; with

DREAMS - Ascending - Going up and down again

DREAMS - Beach

DREAMS - Childbirth - Water; in

DREAMS - Children; about

DREAMS - Children; about - Kidnapped; being

DREAMS - Children; about - Lost

DREAMS - Children; about - Danger; in

DREAMS - Children; about - Playing

DREAMS - Children; about - Daughter

DREAMS - Chocolate

DREAMS - Churches

DREAMS - Climbing - Ladders

DREAMS - Collapsing, is - House

DREAMS - Collapsing, is - Temple

DREAMS - Collapsing, is - Ceiling

DREAMS - Collapsing, is - High furniture

DREAMS - Communion

DREAMS - Confident and assertive, she is

DREAMS - Danger - Sense of danger lacking

DREAMS - Darkness

DREAMS - Falling - Water, into - Husband is falling

DREAMS - Falling - Confidence, with

DREAMS - Father

DREAMS - Father - Rescued by her father, she is

DREAMS - Friends - Meeting friends

DREAMS - Fruits

DREAMS - Gardens

DREAMS - Groups - Spiritual

DREAMS - High places

DREAMS - House - Collapsing

DREAMS - Landscape - Beautiful

DREAMS - Light; of

DREAMS - Make-up

DREAMS - Meat - Raw

DREAMS - Money

DREAMS - People - Crowds of

DREAMS - Picnics

DREAMS - Plants

DREAMS - Pleasant

DREAMS - Pursued, being

DREAMS - Pursued, being - Murderers, by

DREAMS - Rescued - By someone ; to be

DREAMS - Religious

DREAMS - Rings

DREAMS - River

DREAMS - Sharing, lending

DREAMS - Showers

DREAMS - Spitting

DREAMS - Stream

DREAMS - Threats

DREAMS - Unstable equilibrium

DREAMS - Things - Have a happy ending

DREAMS - Twins

DREAMS - Urinating

DREAMS - Urine - being soiled with

DREAMS - Vegetables

DREAMS - Vegetation, greenery

DREAMS - Walking - Stilts; with

DREAMS - Water

DREAMS - Water - Swimming in

DREAMS - Water - Wading; in

DREAMS - Wedding

DREAMS - Women - A woman ; to be (for a man)

CHILL - Evening - 21 h

CHILL - Upper part of body

CHILL - Chilliness


SKIN - Eruptions - Symmetrical


GENERALS - Activity - Increased

GENERALS - Activity - Physical

GENERALS - Bathing - Amel.

GENERALS - Bathing - Desire for

GENERALS - Efficiency - Increased

GENERALS - Faintness - Ascending - Stairs

GENERALS - Food - Bread - Agg.

GENERALS - Food - Bread - Desire

GENERALS - Food - Chocolate - Agg.

GENERALS - Food - Chocolate - Desire

GENERALS - Food - Cold drink, cold water - Desire

GENERALS - Food - Farinaceous - Desire

GENERALS - Food - Ice cream - Desire

GENERALS - Food - Refreshing things - Desire

GENERALS - Fullness; feeling of - Internally

GENERALS - Heat - Flushes of - Excitement, with

GENERALS - Lie down - Desire to

GENERALS - Pain - Extending to - Upward

GENERALS - Side - Left

GENERALS - Strength, sensation of

GENERALS - Weakness

GENERALS - Weakness - Noon

GENERALS - Weakness - Afternoon

GENERALS - Weakness - Afternoon - 14-15 h

GENERALS - Weakness - Evening

GENERALS - Weakness - Headache - During

GENERALS - Weakness - Sleepiness, from - As from sleepiness

GENERALS - Weakness - Nausea, with

GENERALS - Weakness - Accompanied by - Nausea







I METHODOLOGY ..................................................................................................................  7


II NEPTUNIUM ........................................................................................................................  8

1. History ...................................................................................................................................  8

2. Physicochemical Properties  ....................................................................................................  9

3. Metabolism and Toxicity .........................................................................................................  9

4. Preparation Used ..................................................................................................................  10


III THE PLANET NEPTUNE ..................................................................................................  10


IV MYTHOLOGY OF NEPTUNE .........................................................................................  11




VI THE RESULTS OF THE PROVING ..................................................................................  14

1. The placebo question ............................................................................................................  14

2. Notation of symptoms............................................................................................................ 14


VII SYMPTOMS ....................................................................................................................  15

Mind ........................................................................................................................................  15

Vertigo...................................................................................................................................... 16

Head ........................................................................................................................................  17

Eye ...........................................................................................................................................  17

Vision .......................................................................................................................................  18

Ears ..........................................................................................................................................  18

Nose ........................................................................................................................................  18

Face .........................................................................................................................................  18

Mouth ......................................................................................................................................  19

Teeth ........................................................................................................................................  19

External throat ..........................................................................................................................  19

Stomach ...................................................................................................................................  19

Abdomen .................................................................................................................................  21

Rectum .....................................................................................................................................  22

Female genitalia ........................................................................................................................  22

Cough ......................................................................................................................................  23

Chest ........................................................................................................................................  23

Back ........................................................................................................................................  24

Extremities ................................................................................................................................  24

Sleep ........................................................................................................................................  26

Dreams .....................................................................................................................................  26

Chill ..........................................................................................................................................  36

Generalities ...............................................................................................................................  36


VIII SYNTHETIC MATERIA MEDICA .................................................................................  39

IX SYNTHESIS ......................................................................................................................  45


X SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION ...............................................................................  47


XI REPERTORY .....................................................................................................................  49


INDEX ....................................................................................................................................  59


[1] Nucleus of the same element but with a different number of neutrons.

[2] The radioactive half-life corresponds to the time at the end of which half of the atoms of the element being considered have disappeared due to decay. Depending on the isotopes, this half-life can vary between a few microseconds and several billion years.

[3] 238U (n, g) ® 239U (b-) ® 239Np.

[4] 238U (n, 2n) ® 237U (b-) ® 237Np.

[5] 237Np (n, g) ® 238Np (b-) ® 238Pu.

[6] 238U (n, g) ® 239U (b-) ® 239Np (b-) ® 239Pu (n, g) ® 240Pu (n, g) ® 241Pu (b-) ® 241Am (a) ® 237Np.