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DNA Proving


by Phillip Robbins



DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid and is made up of the elements carbon, oxygen, phosphorus, nitrogen and hydrogen. It is found in all living cells from bacteria and viruses, to plants, animals and humans, and is the carrier of all genetic material. It is thus universal to all living entities. DNA is the structured chemical molecule that is used to store, replicate and pass on the individual genetic characteristics of one individual to the next generation. In this sense it goes a long way to defining one’s individual nature and characteristics.


DNA is made up of a few relatively simple chemical building blocks that are joined to one another in sequence by means of chemical bonds. These building block compounds are called nucleotides. Each nucleotide is made up of a phosphate group, a sugar and a nitrogen containing base. Within a DNA molecule the nucleotides are bonded in such a way that the sugar of one nucleotide is always attached to the phosphate group of the next nucleotide in line. This arrangement results in two long chains of alternating sugar and phosphate groups that join to form a double helix structure. The two strands are joined in the middle by weak chemical bonds between the bases. Within this double helix is encoded all the information necessary for a cell to synthesize the proteins it needs to survive and reproduce. If the two strands of a DNA molecule are separated by breaking the weak bonds between the bases, then each single chain provides all the information necessary to synthesize a new partner. DNA is thus capable of self replication B the essential characteristic of a genetic material.



MYTHOLOGY (my italics relate to proving themes)


Because DNA plays such a central role in certain diseases, in mortality and in genetic continuance it can be linked with the symbolism of the planet Saturn (a prover initially made this connection). The Greek god Cronos (or Chronos), the forerunner of Saturn, is the god of time and symbolises the passage of time and this mortal life’s limitations. Cronos brought the first generation of classical gods to an end by castrating his tyrannical father Ouranos. To prevent himself from being dethroned by his children in his turn, as his parents had predicted, he ate them as soon as they were born. One of his children Zeus escaped this fate and on reaching manhood, gave his father a drug to disgorge all the children he had eaten, castrated him and had him bound and sent to an island for eternity. In this myth Cronos represents the ruler who can not adapt to change and tries to hold onto a fixed position of power. By doing this he actually loses all his power by being castrated. In the end however he ruled over the distant idyllic isles of a Golden age - but one devoid of time and change. In this, he became the embodiment of time. Thus the symbolism of Saturn relates in part to the limitation of human mortality. Some past societies portrayed Saturn as the Grim Reaper (the skeleton holding a sickle) or the Lord of Karma or else he was represented as Father Time. DNA is also a kind of Father Time, holding our genetic inheritance and possibly disposing us to diseases or death at pre-determined times in our lives.


The sickle of time is a symbol of both death and renewal, of continuity as season follows season. It gives us awareness of the finite number of years we have to live. If we are to use the full potential of these years we need to commit ourselves to what we value as important. Saturn’s energy confronts us with the questions of what is important and what our priorities are. Saturn is thus connected with the educational value of pain. Through Saturn we connect with the teacher and healer within ourselves. The most solid and valuable lessons learned in life are those based on our own difficult experiences which, even while they are painful and frustrating at the time, offer us much wisdom in retrospect. With pain comes disillusionment, but in that disillusionment we can find an inner knowledge based on our own tested values, rather that easy assumptions derived from the values of others. Through this inner knowledge we discover our individual worth.

A Saturnian complex is a reaction displayed by a refusal to give up whatever one has become attached to in the course of one’s life, a fixation which crystallizes causing emotional frustration.


Saturnian wisdom is based on the knowledge that we are responsible for our own lives and the course in which they are heading. The awareness of individual responsibility leads us to realise the power we have in creating our own lives. The healing power of the Saturnian process is hinted at by the medical symbol for a prescription, which derives from the planetary symbol of Saturn that astrologers use.


Physically Saturn rules the skeletal frame, skin and connective tissue. A number of provers experienced pains in areas where bones join or had such pains cured.


One of the supervisors who sat in the group of provers while they took their remedies had a vision at that time of cow dung. Her prover later reported injuring her back shovelling cow manure and these two events stirred the curiosity of this person to look for some connection between cow dung and DNA. The following is what she discovered.


The cow is sacred to the Hindu culture in India. It is symbolic of one of the seven mothers ie. the goddess Aditi, Mother of Gods, was a cow. She was Lord of Truth and Universal order. Krishna, who was the 8th avatar of Vishnu (incarnation of God) was the protector of the cow. All the universe was contained in him and he came disguised in a cowherd. Shiva’s consort was the bull Nandi, who produces the celestial music for the cosmic dance of Shiva. Shiva is one of the three gods in Brahman - the supreme being or absolute spirit of Hinduism.


Brahman exists and works through a trinity or triad of three Gods. Brahma, the creator of the Universe, Vishnu, the preserver of the world and Shiva, the destroyer who represents both destruction and reproduction. Shiva takes three forms, one of which is Kali, the bringer of disease, strife and war. Shiva is also commonly worshipped in the form of a linga (phallic symbol) and is often shown united in one body with his goddess - she the left side, and he the right. It is not only a symbol of sexual union but is a familiar icon of the mystery of non-duality. It is also an abstract symbol of the divine connubium through which the world is simultaneously generated and dissolved. Shiva, as both the archetypal yogi and personification of the lingam is a representation of the principal ‘whole’ or oneness of life.


So Shiva can be linked to DNA because he/she represents the cycle of time, mortality, disease, birth and death and renewal and reproduction. Most importantly through the Shiva’s representative form, the linga, we are reminded that all life is one and that DNA is a central part of this ‘whole’ cosmic force or divine principle.


It is interesting to note prover 5's dream about black and white elephants having ‘an extraordinary’ baby elephant. Shiva and his personified energy in the form of his wife Parvati had a child with an elephants head called Ganesh. Ganesh was known as the Lord of Obstacles. The same prover dreamt of a large rat under a building, and Ganesh’s vehicle is the rat. These may thus be related animal symbols.


In India the bull is symbolic of the creating god Brahma and has been generally regarded as a symbol of the creative power and energy of God, the source of fertility and productive energy in the earth.


In the cosmology of various cultures the bull is seen in the very foreground of the picture. There is an important terra-cotta plaque from ancient Sumer c.2500 BC that shows the ever-dying, ever-living lunar bull, consumed through time by the lion-headed solar eagle. His right foreleg is placed squarely on the centre of the mound symbolic of the summit of the cosmic mountain, ie. the body of the goddess Earth. This is the mythic lunar bull, lord of the rhythm of the universe, to whose song all mortality is dancing in a round of birth, death and new birth.


Cow dung was the more particular image that arose for the supervisor and it has a related but more subtle connection to DNA. The dung beatle (or Scarab) in Egypt is a symbol of both the Sun’s cycle and resurrection. The Egyptian hieroglyphic of the scarab with legs outstretched corresponds to the verb kheper, meaning something like ‘to come into existence by assuming a given form’. Scarabs were also worn as cheap protective amulets, for the insect had concealed in himself the power of eternal renewal of life. Thus, also the beatle associated with cow dung has symbolism connected with DNA.


Paracelsus was notorious for his appreciation of the meaning and power of excrement as a primordial and basic substance. He understood the primal nature of excrement as the beginning of all things and its vital role in the cycle of creation and decay, it is the matter from which all things come and that which everything becomes. Similarly, DNA is a starting point of sorts from which new ‘things’ come into being.


Cow dung is used in Biodynamic farming to make a soil conditioner called ‘500’. The dung is placed in a cow horn, which is buried in the ground for a certain time, and at a certain moon phase. Here it is said to channel and collect ‘cosmic forces’. Then the dung is taken out and mixed with water and stirred in a vortex for exactly one hour. It has then to be put out onto the fields within one hour. It is said to become a soil structuring agent, and tests have shown that it improves the health of the soil, enabling plants to grow faster and stronger.


In this process cow dung and the cow horn are agents that focus and channel in ‘cosmic forces’ for use in enlivening the soil. Might it be that DNA, in a similar fashion is the focal point where ‘cosmic forces’ channel into the cells at conception and become a new life force?





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An interesting co-incidence occurred during the proving. On day three there was a news article that the head of the Australian Museum announced a project to bring back the extinct Tasmanian tiger by cloning from a baby pup that had been preserved in alcohol for over 130 years. They announced that they had recovered large amounts of DNA from the pup and thus could attempt the cloning process.


On June 26th eight weeks after the proving began scientists from the Human Genome Project and the biotechnology company Celera announced that they had completed a ‘working draft’ of the Human Genome. The achievement provides scientists with a road map of about 90% of genes on every chromosome making up the human DNA. The project is expected to be finished in 2003, several years ahead of the original schedule. One newspaper report said ‘ While we have defined what it means to be human today, we now have the capacity to change what it is to be human tomorrow.’


The proving was conducted following guidelines set out by Jeremy Sherr and Kees Dam. All female provers were asked to verify they were not pregnant by testing if there was any chance of that possibility. The proving was conducted blind, with only the co-ordinator knowing the remedy. All provers had a supervisor who was an experienced homoeopath and prover.


The group of provers and supervisors met on May 1st for the first time to create the ‘group’ and for me to explain the details of the proving. The group spent a short while together in silent relaxation and then the provers took the remedy. We sat in silence for a while after this and people who experienced new body sensations or had visual images wrote down their experiences. The remedy was only given this once. Some supervisors who did not want to be influenced by the group effect of the provers taking the remedy left before this process.




1. female 200c took in group meeting 1.5.00

2. male 30c took in group meeting 1.5.00

3. male 30c took in group meeting 1.5.00

4. female 6c took in group meeting 1.5.00

5. female 30c took in group meeting 1.5.00

6. female 30c took in group meeting 1.5.00

7. male 200c took in group meeting 1.5.00

8. female 6c took it on 2.5.00

9. male 6c took it on 2.5.00

10a female 200c sensitive prover held the remedy

10b female 30c sensitive prover held the remedy for one day

10c female 6c sensitive prover held the remedy

10 d female 1M sensitive prover took the remedy 18.5.00

11. male 200c slept on it for one night on 22.8.99

After one month the group of provers and supervisors met and the provers described their experiences. A discussion occurred on the common theme before the remedy was revealed.







NO:XXX:DD:HH where:

NO - the provers number CS - Cured or alleviated symptom

XXX - the potency OS - Old symptom, not in last year.

DD - the day of proving

HH - the hour of day (for day 0 only)

m - discussion at the meeting after one month








8:6c:0:one hour before first proving meeting (and taking the remedy): Had a meeting with my mother and father (my supervisor) about my mother’s minding of my daughter. I wanted to change things about our relationship. I told her I needed a break from her contact with my daughter for a while. The grandmother said ‘I feel a bond will be broken with my grand-daughter’.


10a:200c:0 This remedy has a sense of isolation and separateness and connections. I see an image of a group with one person left out. If one joins the group another has to leave to keep a balance. There are +ve and -ve connections. Always one outside the group.



1:200c:0 Very hard driving home after taking remedy. Yet I felt this again sort of positive force driving me. It felt a bit like my will was moving me rather than my physical body.


1:200c:7 I feel a duality between wanting to work and being a mum more at home for the kids.


1:200c:m Even though I felt very rotten and terrible physically and emotionally in the proving I felt this sense of clarity as well B like the feeling I got when I first took the remedy. It was there the whole time B like a bigger vision; that it was OK and all for the better, and that rode with me the whole time.


7:200c:1 Lots of emotion (fear and anxiety about money and relationships). Also a parallel lightness and altered perspective B clear at the same time.


7:200c:m At the same time as I was a lot clearer mentally I had some small bouts of Dyslexia B writing as well as speech. Put letters in wrong place in words and said words round the wrong way.


7:200c:m Now I can go into a foggy state and continue through it with awareness at the same time B like a parallel.


10d:1M:1-7 There is a split inside me B into two.



1:200c:7 In class I kept moving through feeling really terrible and okay. Laughing and having fun made me forget the pain in my head.


5:30c:4 Crappy; blew head gasket in the car 200 metres from the garage; not a good day. Was upset, then came good, then had a cry.


7:200c:3 Emotions slightly swinging.


9:6C:1 Feeling a bit moody; up and down; short tempered.


9:6C:2 Mood changed quickly: feeling sluggish one minute, fine the next. The slightest thing and I feel frustrated and irritable. Throw things out of tiredness.


10b:30c:0 Feel down first, then up. Very fast to go up and down; happy then sad; like a drunken sailor.




3:30c:21 Looking back on the flu, I didn’t sink into despair and self pity when sick as usual do. CS


3:30C:24 Skin cancers on forehead inflamed; smarting and stinging. I experience an acute sense of mortality and black depression. > music.


5:30c:5 Low, flat, miserable; my partner and I are sleeping at opposite ends of the house.


6:30c:20 Not so negative or grumpy before my menses. Build-up milder. CS


10b:30c:0 I could see a round blue-black thing with a dark centre inside me. It was like a sore.

10b:30c:17 Realised the dark sore inside me was the hurt of losing my son (who had suicided the previous year). I did not realise it was there before. It made me see my son dead on the floor. This made me cry.


10c:6c:7-9 When I lie down I go into a deep, dark state B sadness about my son (who died). I can’t get out of it. Every dream I have is about taking my son around to meet people.



8:6c:1-4 My partner sais I was grumpy. I don’t think I was.


8:6c:2 Partner and I keep snapping at each other. The worst moods. We don’t want to engage with each other.


8:6c:2 I smacked my 18 month old daughter for the first time.



1:200c:7 I have noticed a resistance to be able to talk about any of my deeper feelings. I know a lot is going on for me underneath and I don’t want to and can’t really deal with them right now. I have to get on with life.


5:30c:0 When I got home on day 0 things just weren’t fine. He (my partner) was a bit distant again. On going to touch him his eye twitched. (He had been hit a lot as a child.) A big change had come over him. He was completely shut down. No heart left at all. I couldn’t touch him; he was not interested in talking. His eyes were so cold. ‘Lets just go back to being flat-mates’ he said. There was no cause - we had been having a very good couple of weeks.


5:30c:18 Cutting lantana and I fell into a drain B heard this loud crack. Was lying on the ground holding my right ankle going Oh God that really hurts… What do I do? It aches but I probably just sprained it; get up and keep going; which is what I did for another hour or so. Then I went to walk up the driveway to the house and realised it was really painful. The further I got the more it hurt. It got to the point where I couldn’t put my foot down at all. I really just wanted to keep doing the work.


8:6c:3 Things are still awkward with my partner; not communicating. I feel he is holding back something.


10d:1M:1-7 Hate sex or contact of any kind.


10d:1M:1-7 I can’t feel or show emotions B like a Downs Syndrome person. No fear or grief or anger or sadness. Very simple.



8:6c:17 I feel like I am slipping back into some old habits eg. the situation with my mother. I need to remember who I am and my goals.


9:6C:4 Haven’t felt like going to work B lack of motivation. Feel blasé with people; lazy and avers socialising. I don’t care too much about anything B I just want to go home.


10c:6c:15 I realised I am not home (in myself); this caused a big sadness.


10c:6c:0 Scared of not being right/whole; of not pleasing others. Afraid that I will be put out of the group.


10c:6c:17 Would be good for someone lost in this world. Totally forsaken but without blaming others and does not take it personally like Lac humanum. Does not get nasty or possessive.


10d:1M:1-7 I hate my self-image on looking in the mirror.


10d:1M:1-7 I can’t stand up for myself. Everybody pushes me around.



10d:1M:1-7 I have to own possessions. I want a number of the same type eg. Several cars or lots of shoes etc.



1:200c:4 Headache was really terrible B I had a few things I really needed to do that day so I took two disprin and went to work. Everyone kept saying I looked terrible B I kept holding it together. I ended up staying in town all day. I had thought I would go home to bed. I kept feeling a bit better as time went on.


1:200c:9 Woke up feeling terrible B headache; heavy head like a hang-over, sore throat. Dragged myself up to get children off to school. Had to get my car from up the top of the hill because we are getting concrete strips. I felt burdened by my life B the road; the lack of solar power; sick of the rain; fire wood running low and now I can’t get down the drive easily. Gas is low and gas man can’t get down. I know I will be alright but I just feel burdened.

I just want to feel really well. I hate being sick; I don’t handle it well and I feel I can’t really stop anyway B have to go to work tomorrow.


1:200c:11 Yuk B woke up feeling yuk again. Headache and stiff neck. I soldiered on.


5:30:18 Had been wanting to cut some lantana down for ages but had tendinitis in both wrists. This day I felt >hang it I don’t care about the tendinitis’ and got out with a machete. Was really into it. Really wanting to do the job. Only working 15 mts an I fell down a drain an heard this rally loud crack. Was lying on the ground holding my right ankle going Oh God that really hurts... What do I do? It aches but I probably just sprained it; get up and keep going; which is what I did for another hour or so. Got this big pile of lantana by the driveway to testify how long I was out there.


5:30:19-25 Spent a week on crutches with ankle in a plaster cast, alone in house. Felt unfair - should have someone looking after me. Doing everything was so hard. I had to put lots of thought into everything I did. I had to do things, so I did them. In the end felt proud of the fact that I could look after myself. Then in the end, when people tried to do things for me I didn’t like it. It was really hard to ask for help. In the end nobody could help me. ‘Get out of my way, I can do it.’ I know its comical but it was very real.


10c:6c:17 Has a very hard and matter-of-fact attitude about doing things; very regimented.


10d:1M:0 It would be for earthy types:

- Hard worker; very dedicated.

- Mundane working

- They just keep on working for some far off outcome like the pioneers working to open up new land. Working to create a feeling of being home.

With left sciatic pain; numb left leg and pain in left cheek bone.

10d:1M:0 They (the pioneers) think they are working to create a feeling of being home, but they don’t realise they are not going to get there by just working.



1:200c:m The tightness in my neck and shoulders was all the stress in my life concentrated there B from work, kids and life. Instead of me getting away with it, it felt like eeeerr here I am and you have to feel it and be aware of it and deal with it B that you are really tired. A physical manifestation of my stress. A sum total of my lifestyle.


3:30C:3 Kids say I am ‘not so scary’. This is because I was rigid about time with the kids. My sense of time has relaxed since the proving. I have time to listen to them now rather than just telling them what to do. CS


10d:1M:1-7 Fixed idea: I had to do a job in a very simple way even though it took longer. A kind of idiocy; even though I know better. Instead of mowing with the tractor I had to do it manually.


10d:1M:1-7 Fear of loss of control if I changed to an easier way (of doing things).


10d:1M:1-7 Very intelligent and stupid at same time. Simple minded



10d:1M:1-7 Delusion: that I will break in two and my lower half won’t be able to walk.



10b:30c:0 Delusion: It feels as if it has to hold up everyone; has to be rigid and strong. Like the trunk of a tree B it thinks that it holds up the tree; even thinks it holds the roots in place. Gets big headed about it; thinks it is the most important part.


10c:6c:0 It thinks it is the controlling centre of many things.



10c:6c:0 Image of a patient who needs this remedy: She has a tick B walks with a tick; kicks her leg out involuntarily. Was born with it. The cells in her brain that carry the messages don’t work. The part that controls movement and walking B an unconscious part of the brain. She laughs at herself and has a black thing (a hurt) inside her.


10d:1M:1-7 This remedy would be good for Spina bifida B if given before birth.


10d:1M:7 This remedy would be good for genetic damage in males reproductive area (above 600c potency.)



1:200c:m Even though I felt very rotten and terrible physically and emotionally in the proving I felt this sense of clarity as well B like the feeling I got when I first took the remedy. It was there the whole time B like a bigger vision; that it was OK and all for the better, and that rode with me the whole time.


7:200c:2-3 Clarity and perception increased. Mental function clearer. CS

7:200c:6 The clarity I realise now is, or feels like a consolidating of myself; like an alignment or awareness of self that is stronger. CS


8:6c:8 My partner and I had a big argument/discussion. He was very clear about his feelings and did it in a very adult way. He took responsibility for his own feelings. CS



1:200C:M The consciousness of that stress has caused some changes. I had to do something about it. I have now made some changes


7:200c:m Now the clarity has helped with that decision making. The changes (that were needed) just became apparent B not an active thing.


1:200C:7 I was in bed tuning into the pain all through the left side of my body and I started having visions of the time that my whole life changed. I was 17 and in my room with my boyfriend; suddenly my mother was banging on my door and screaming. I opened it and she had blood all over her. My father had hit her on the head with a shoe. I ran inside and started to hit him. My boyfriend took me away. I realised now that at that point of my life I just closed off a part of me B I gave up being a young girl and became a woman. So much pain was locked in my body B I just coped and took charge. Realised how sudden and violent was my initiation into being a woman. I had to grow up suddenly and look after my mother ever since. It is a pattern in my life to look after every one and take charge of everything. CS


1:200c:m Before the proving I felt my whole life and family was rolling along. I felt I had it under control and nothing rocked the boat. The proving stirred that up. All the stress became concentrated in my neck and shoulders. B booked my clinic to another practitioner on Wednesdays so I can’t even go in there. So now I have Wednesdays totally to myself in the house without the kids of husband. CS


1:200c:16 My brain switched off after something softened or cracked in me and I realised I had to do something about the stress. I couldn’t get it to work. I went with it B when tired and had to study I just rested in the sunshine. I just want to sit in the sun and dream. CS


5:30c:m My life fell apart. It all started on day 0. Had been with a partner for months having a honeymoon period. When I got home on day 0 things just weren’t fine. He had completely shut down. Couldn’t touch him; not interested in talking; no heart left at all. His eyes were so cold. He said ‘lets just go back to being flat-mates’. I knew I couldn’t live with that. Lots of ideas went round in my head for days then right at the end I went NO! - he has to go.


5:30c:m The whole month was a big change. So many things changed. I had stopped work before the proving and had decided on a new path I was going to follow. During this month I have started on that new path. I enrolled in an Animal Care course and am really getting into it. I am very focussed on it; very motivated, doing extra reading. This is the first time I have been quite clear that this is what I want to do. I have never had to actually pick what I want to do in my life. Every job has been offered to me and I just take it. This is the first time I am going ‘this is what I want to do’ and making a choice and doing it.


5:30c:m At one point I knew there was a cross-road and it could go either way and if I had gone that other way I would have been happy for a time but I have the clear feeling in myself that something would have gone more terribly wrong if I had continued down that road. But its gone this other way. It feel like some period or cycle has ended. Basically every thing is changing from this point. It has all come from making a decision about what I wanted to do.


7:200c:m I have made a few life decisions- life altering. Decided to quit my taxi driving and move my clinic, as I was not happy with it. Before I was in that fog and blinding struggling forward in my career, trying to make it happen, and leaping into decisions that seemed correct.


8:6c:8 I feel quite motivated to get things in perspective and moving B things like finances, business and of course my daughter - THE BIG GOALS - RELATIONSHIPS on a level playing field.


10a:200c:6 Got stung by a bee after talking to my supervisor (I have anaphylactic allergic reactions to bee stings). On way to hospital I could have died. A big choice for me. I choose to be here. Since making this choice my whole life has changed B it’s new. It is easier to be myself.


10d:1M:1-7 I can’t seem to decide things for myself; things just happen to me that I don’t want. I have lost my choice.



1:200C:0 Immediately after taking the remedy I felt a sense of relief and sank into myself. I feel peaceful and a warm feeling in my cheeks. I have a sense of positivity.


1:200c:0: 3 hours On arriving home I was totally appalled at two posters that my son had been given by friends B one with a cross made of blood and ‘Revenge only revenge’ on it. I reacted strongly B it reminded me of Klu Klux Clan stuff, so I tore it off his wall and burnt them. My partner sent me away to cool off. I then found a peaceful feeling guiding me back to my son to just cuddle him and talk to him. Told him that he had chosen me as his mum and I didn’t allow stuff like that in my home and it’s effect on one’s being. He understood and cuddled. We all moved on rather well.


3:30C:4 Visitors for dinner and no anxiety. Patient. CS


3:30C:7 Was in a group of people and didn’t feel anxiety about their proximity. CS


7:200c:2-3 Clarity and perception increased. Mental function clearer.

7:200c:6 The clarity I realise now is, or feels like a consolidating of myself; like an alignment or awareness of self that is stronger. CS


7:200c:m Basically a deeper sense of who I am and so I am more secure in that emotionally. This has lead to the clarity in perception; being able to perceive the environment clearer, and being less clouded. Also, more in tune with my intuition. I listen to it more. A shift on the level of self-security and self-knowledge. CS


8:6c:1 Felt calm and together. Felt comfortable doing what I had to do even though had friends visiting. No guilt about it. CS


8:6c:8 My partner and I had a big argument/discussion. He was very clear about his feelings and did it in a very adult way. He took responsibility for his own feelings. I felt very good about him telling me B I could change that. It felt resolved and had cleared the air. Since that we are no longer grumpy with each other. CS


10a:200c:0 Since making this choice my whole life has changed B it’s new. It is easier to be myself.


10b:30c:0 I didn’t think of all the things why I don’t like this particular person at work (who I usually dislike). I could work with her. I felt very quiet - a good state: no hate or anger. CS


10b:30c:0 I kept the remedy with me all day. If I put it down, I felt lost without it so I went back and got it. I wanted it with me all day.

10b:30c:1 I forced myself to put the remedy away. Felt so angry and cross after.


10b:30:0 This remedy is like Saturn - it is like a guiding light home (because it is such a unique and recognisable planet with it’s rings).


10c:6c:4-5 No uneasiness at all. Nothing can shake me. No line that holds me back; from hugging someone for example. I am more sure of who I am. No fear of anything. No inhibitions B it feels natural. Feel good about myself. I could stand stronger in a matter of fact way. Everyone around me got something good out of it also. They felt better.


10c:6c:15 It is easier to be myself. I am not easily pushed around.



6:30c:1 Decided yesterday to change my diet B cut out fatty foods and snacks B trying to stick to three meals a day. Trying to lose weight. CS


7:200c:17 Saw a spirit or ghost in my room B a white shadowy field. Had similar experiences in childhood, but not since then. I saw it and went OKY My childhood reaction was fear and to freak out. This time I didn’t freak out at all, not even any fear reaction initially. I felt in control. I said ‘ go away’ and went back to sleep. It went. CS


8:6c:0:one hour before first proving meeting: Had a meeting with my mother and father (my supervisor) about my mother’s minding of my daughter. I wanted to change things about our relationship. I told her I needed a break from her contact with my daughter for a while. She said ‘I feel a bond will be broken with my grand daughter’. Afterwards, even though not resolved, I felt better getting things off my chest. Then felt very motivated to get things done.


8:6c:8 Phoned my mother to tell her I wanted to resume contact between my daughter and her. I now feel stronger. CS


8:6c:15 I feel braver. I might get laughed at or people disagree with me but I can still get in and do things. I want to take charge more. CS



1:200C:0 Immediately after taking the remedy I felt a sense of relief and sank into myself. I feel peaceful and a warm feeling in my cheeks. I have a sense of positivity.


1:200c:1 Had a good meeting with my daughters new school teacher. It felt very positive for all of us.


10b:30c:0 At work someone said to me ‘You give the best hugs.’ Another person overheard and said ‘I heard that’ and came over for a hug. Then everyone wanted one.



10a:200c:0 Makes me laugh. Very light hearted initially.


10b:30c:0 Likes to laugh at itself.


10c:6c:0 I feel quite drunk and giggly.


10d:1M:0 Have a sense of humour about my symptoms/pains. ‘It’ll be right mate’ attitude. Laughing with the pains.



3:30C:0 Mistakes in judging distance when driving.


3:30C:0 Mistake in speaking; said ‘macca’ for ‘ack-enna’.


3:30C:28 Spatial ability seems markedly improved. When someone asked me how to make sure two bolt holes with 40 mm centres are central to a piece of metal I answer instantly rather than indulge in theorising; so practical.

7:200c:3 Dyslexia at same time as clarity. Put letter in the wrong place in words and said words round the wrong way.



1:200c:0 Just before taking the remedy I felt some apprehension and it took me some time to get it out of the (plastic) packet. I felt a little silly that I couldn’t get it out.


1:200c:1 Didn’t notice my house was a mess when I left for work. Usually I have to run around and clean it up before I go. I felt very relaxed about leaving it.


1:200c:11 Feel emotional and vulnerable. Thought the women in the bank were laughing at me.


3:30C:0 Familiar drive home seems new and different.


5:30c:2 Very lazy; doing absolutely nothing. Felt totally unmotivated.


5:30c:m My thirst for knowledge has gone zoom.


7:200c:0 Experienced a feeling of grief come up while training B unrelated to anything; lungs feel a lot better.


10d:1M:1-7 Aversion to plastic B it is so not-alive.


10d:1M:1-7 I had to buy a watch (I had never wanted or needed a watch before). It had to be round, square and flexible and had to have Roman numerals (ie. Had to have male and female quality and be flexible). Its about control in knowing the time and keeping pace with time.


10d:1M:1-7 Totally dislike men; why are they so stupid?





11:200c:1 Dream in three parts:

1. People in a medium size boat being carried along by a current B hoping to come to their mooring place.

2. People in a small boat being carried by the tide.

The small rowing boat without people being buffeted by waves, but because it is dragging a rope and empty it is bow-into-the-waves and riding high, and thus OK. I realise that if it had people in it the waves would crash over it.

5:30C:5 Being in a car and I am driving a couple of people on a highway. The flow of traffic got put on a detour B led us to a supermarket car park. I remember thinking that I’ve obviously stuffed it up; we weren’t meant to be in a car park. I pretended that we were meant to come here so lets go shopping. Was embarrassed so better go with the flow and pretend it never happened.



1:200c:17 Talking with Homoeopathy teacher about studying for a degree in Naturopathy or not. He said he was going to study for a medical degree with the armed forces and I should do the degree with the Uni.



3:30C:1 On a tram from Brunswick heads to Mullumbimby with my wife and offspring. My wife was attempting to launder a cheque from my parents for $2000 which I realised was improbable. There was some anxiety about whether the tram would make it without becoming derailed. A general uncertainty of how things would be resolved with a sense that there would nevertheless be a resolution and it would be OK.



1:200c:1 Two parts: 1. I was at a Rainbow gathering near a big river. There was a main gathering in a Tee-pee. I was carrying some cushions and as I went into the Tee-pee I became aware I only had tights on and bare breasts. This worried me (I normally wouldn’t be concerned). As I tried to go in I got caught in the fabric. I felt a bit awkward and silly, so when I went in I sat near the door. There were four big wigs sitting in a row B a King, Queen, Princess and the Easter Bunny. My daughter appeared and pulled the Bunny’s hat off. I felt embarrassed and quietened her down. I noticed the princess was a girl I went to school with and I was jealous of her, for being in the inner crowd now and then.

2. Lying down with a man touching me very lovingly (not sexually) caring and soft. I looked over to see it was my friend’s current lover. I was calm and relaxed about it; it felt very natural.




5:30c:2 Some sort of a battle indoors with pirates B not really a battle. Trying to get through skipping ropes B had two kids and they wouldn’t run through it with me B they were too scared to do it, so tried to find another way. I finally did B where we were at an award night; our documentary won an award. On leaving, all of a sudden was in a car and I was driving but it took off without me controlling it. Then I took control of it but no idea where I was.

It was about getting through obstacles, then survival. I used to be terrified of driving. The car for me is an obstacle I have come over B a huge milestone in my life getting a licence. Also when I was very young I was terrified of men with beards, like the pirates.


7:200c:11 On a boat and required to fish by hand. Got fish easily B than had to fish for shark. A little scary but OK; felt as if I was able and therefore I jumped straight in the rough sea B rocks B held a shark by the tail and killed it B threw it on the boat.


7:200c:18 A friend driving my car and not driving it well. Loses control on wet road. I say ‘stop’ we hop out and I drive. Taking control. It felt good.


8:6c:2 On holiday at a deserted point B very isolated. The locals are very hostile to me. Like a school camp. I was single. In restaurant I ordered a big green salad for $10. I could see it being made - it took hours. When it arrived it was three lettuce leaves and a slab of meat. I refused to pay and walked out. It was odd that I knew most of the people in the restaurant but did not dine with them.



6:30c:1 Looking at houses to buy. Looking at the quality of the work B something really well made. Another house - salesman, really funny B short, fat and bald B cracking jokes. I was accepting that he was how he was even though inappropriate.

Comment: Short fat and bald guy B boring looking, trying to make up for his boringness by being a bit odd. I think that I am boring and I always try to come across as interesting. I’ll try to find a different perspective on things in a conversation.


7:200c:11 A young girl, maybe 16 yrs B a virgin B we made love. Not full intercourse (I didn’t deflower her). My mother turns up and starts cooking for some friends of mine that have arrived. I’m uncomfortable as the bedroom door is open. Later on at a market with music playing I see the girl B have affection and compassion for her. Her girlfriend is angry at me; the girl is also hurt. I calmly explain my desires, why I was with her, and that I comforted her throughout, without pushing her too far. She remembers this and both girls seem comforted.

Comments: It seemed to restate a self-assurance throughout the challenges. I knew what was happening and felt OK with were I was at - at the same time. Felt good.



10b:30c:1 A very old person with no teeth. Very wise; a person who knew everything. She was telling me stuff. She was eating baby food and getting it all over the place. A deep black hole where the mouth is. She wanted my help to help someone. I turned away ‘I can’t do it.’



1:200c:6 A women client who was very difficult and very mistrusting of her treatment wanted me to see a relative of hers B a woman who was physically and mentally impaired. She thought I could help her very much. I was not sure but I wanted to help.



5:30c:13 Two small elephants in a back yard: one black and one creamy white. The black one is standing against the fence looking down and the creamy one is lying down B I thought it was sick, then realised it was pregnant and was half way through giving birth. Then it had the baby B quite spectacular creature when born B an extraordinary elephant, not a normal elephant.


5:30c:5 With someone B no idea who they was. We had to solve a mystery B they took me in a car B there were big holes full of water in paddocks B the size of ponds - we didn’t know how they got there. I saw a rat under a building the size of a puppy. I remember saying ‘that rat is so big it could eat a puppy.’


7:200c:18 Playing with serpents B hanging from the ceiling. I am hanging from one. Dad is hanging from the other B he gets bitten.


11:200c:1 A group of three friendly, yellow snakes. They won’t bite.




3:30C:3 Asian Resort dream ala current news of Philippine Muslims abducting tourists from Thailand: Everything not quite as presented in the brochures; people friendly, genuinely so, but always aware of the subset that they are necessarily selling their friendliness for foreign capital. Sense of distrust rather than suspicion.

Comments: A culture with little friendliness but much wealth is exchanging with a culture that has little wealth but mock friendliness. So I understand the mechanics of what is going on but I still can’t ‘relate’. This is a schizophrenic state without the fear.


6:30c:1 Looking at houses to buy. Was shown the quality of the building- looking at the quality of the work B something really well made.

Comments: Solid, long lasting B a wise choice; good investment. Wanting this feeling in relationship B something that will last.


8:6c:6 My sister with a very close friend who was getting sexually abused. My sister was helping her out; working out a plan what to do. Keeping it secret from certain people though.


8:6c:13 Family fights going on. My step-father gave my mother a black eye in a big fight.



1:200c:0+ Was getting flu before the proving. That disappeared. Felt zippy and clear in myself. CS.


1:200c:11 Smell sour and sweaty.


1:200c:m Left sided symptoms lots: sore left shoulder; tight left neck; left ear thick and sore left sciatic nerve. Left ankle feels sprained.


3:30C:3 Warm and sweaty at night in bed.


3:30C:5 Warm and dry in bed then the perspiration begins on waking.


3:30C:4-5 Cold perspiration in afternoon, continues till bed.


3:30C:10 Feel like I am getting the flu; wheezy breathing, sore throat, pain in posterior nares from chill. Woke warm but sweat on first motion. Dust irritates.

> motion and warm drinks.


3:30C:11 Been sneezing from getting cold; couldn’t get warm.


10b:30c:0 Bones where they should be rigid but look like a joint, (such as sutures in skull). This remedy feels as if it has to be more hard; as if the other bone relies on it.


10c:6c:0 This remedy will help people born with one extra chromosome. It is the difference between Downs Syndrome, Idiocy and someone who is very bright. If you don’t have the right chromosomes or right number of chromosomes then you get genetic damage. It decides before the child is formed, how cells are formed.



1:200c:12 Craving for tobacco and later marijuana.


1:200c:14 Really wanted a cup of coffee.


6:30c:0 Increased desire for tea.


6:30c:12 Craving pumpkin and potato with tahini (sesame seed paste).

Avers to red meat and heavy food.


8:6c:6 Craving caffeine (tea or coffee) all day and not eating.


9:6C:4 Avers the usual tea and coke.


10c:6c:7-9 Craving coffee.


10d:1M:1-7 Craving sweets.




1:200c:3 Woke up with bad congestive headache. Pain between eyes and all over head and down neck. Feel terrible. (Menses start in two days).


1:200c:7 Sharp shooting pain in left side of head, with numbness in left side of face.


3:30C:5-8 Neuralgic pain in right temple; extends backward.


3:30C:13 Aching skull.


6:30c:0: immediately: Dizzy and disoriented.


6:30c:0 immediately: flash of pain in right temple


10b:30c:0 Pain above right temple in the suture joint of skull.



1:200C:7-12 Left ear feels thick and blocked; with tension in left side of neck.


1:200c:14 Feels like a plug in left ear.




3:30C:0 Dryness of eyes, inner canthi especially.


5:30c:2 Didn’t get sore eyes after reading all day as usually would. This has never happened before.


8:6c:1 Flashing lights in eyes on closing eyes to go back to sleep, after woken in night.



3:30C:0:immediately Felt tickling in both nostrils as if had sniffed pepper. Dryness.



10d:1M:0 Pain in left cheek bone just below eye socket, as if my teeth are growing up into it.


3:30C:0 Sensation of numbness immediately below nose.


7:200c:3 Acne on face



3:30C:2 Woke dribbling.


3:30C:6 Mouth ulcer B right lower inner lip.


3:30c:15 Felt like I was getting an ulcer on side of tongue and roof of mouth B came up over night then went.


3:30C:14 Sneezing < cold air.


7:200c:0:5 minutes metallic taste and feel.


10d:1M:0 Taste of salt.



3:30C:10 Pain in posterior nares associated with snoring.


3:30C:8 Raw throat in evening.



9:6C:1 Woke with a stiff neck.



7:200c:3 Acne


10c:6c:7-9 Pain in heart again (RS from a few months ago).



1:200c:2+ Tightness in neck and shoulders began on right side; continued over whole proving.


1:200c:5 I had my back adjusted B I was really out.



3:30C:21-23 Pain at base of spine increasing during day (broke coccyx when 16y).


4:6C:2 Terrible backache while milking the cows.


10a:200c:0 Pain where the scapula joins the left shoulder.


10d:1M:5 Desire to get up in the night and stretch my back; which feel very good (before lumbago).


10d:1M:1-7 Lumbago B with pain in the sacrum bone joints and inflammation of soft tissues around sacrum. Feels tight and locked up. Sore to touch it. An exhausted, tired pain.

Pain < bending forward and sitting straight.

> curled up in a ball

With pain in bowels, uterus and bladder; pushing down pain, as if all these organs would fall out. Also hips very sore and tender to touch. Lower back pain extends to hips.


7:200c:1 Asthma slightly better.


7:200c:m Asthma got much worse after a few days. Was < night, lying, 5-6am, and on waking. Started to develop in day as well; with a cough.


5:30c:0: 2 hours Would have rather starved than stand up and cook. Finally partner cooked.


5:30c:2 Nausea in lower abdomen (maybe with cystitis).


9:6C:4 Less hunger than usual.


10a:200c:0:immediately Nausea in the stomach


10b:30c:0 Sea-sick feeling in stomach. Bilious feeling with desire to vomit.


9:6C:4 Thirsty but can’t find what I want to drink.


10c: 6c:0 Sick in the stomach B high up in stomach.


10c:6c:7-9 Appetite increased.


10c:6c:4-5 Huge willpower not to eat. Lost in the belief that I don’t need it; esp when feel down. Like anorexia.



7:200c:2-6 A tightness about the umbilicus B like a restriction. I couldn’t breath down below that point.

> warmth and massage.






5:30C:0: - 8 hours till day 16. In morning of day I took the remedy got cystitis. Never had it before. Burning in urethra at end of, and immediately after urinating; frequent urges but only does few drops. Another attack that evening after remedy. Frequent urination. Lot of pressure; bearing down feeling in lower abdomen.

Bit of fever in early evening of day 0.


5:30C:12 Woke three times with burning in bladder but didn’t urinate much.


10d:1M:3 Couldn’t urinate; nothing coming out.



10d:1M:1-7 Urine smells rotten and stinking.



1:200c:5 My period came during the night. Woke 4 or 5 am with a pain pressing down in my bowel B did a little stool, pain moved on and blood appeared. Usually no pain.


1:200c:5 Dragging feeling in uterus and legs.


6:30c:20 Menses heavy but not so drained after.


8:6c:17 I have my sex drive back. I crave my partner.



10d:1M:1-7 Have an image of whole prostate-bladder area in males being affected and sore. Males where cancer of prostate goes to the pelvic bones with lumbago like symptoms.



1:200c:1 Left foot numb with a buzzy feeling in it. Prickly and burning; I shook it for a while.


1:200c:1 Rang my son’s father and found out my God-son had smashed his left ankle to pieces.


1:200c:7 Left sciatic nerve feels inflamed and sore down my left leg at times.


1:200c:9 My left ankle feels sprained. Sharp pain on outer side < moving it.


3:30c:30 I have no arthritis in cold weather since proving; especially in fingers. Usually my hands creak and jerk. This is better. My knees stand up to running now. CS


4:6C:0:1 hour: Ache in base of my right thumb. My partner’s right thumb is aching also.


4:6C:23 Pain in left shoulder at bedtime. Woke next morning with pain in right shoulder. That evening my left shoulder hurt again and right is better.


5:30c:18 Cutting lantana and fell into a drain B loud crack and my right ankle really hurt. I put up with the pain and didn’t notice it until walking home up hill and right foot wouldn’t work. It got to the point where I couldn’t put my foot down at all. I put ice on it which dulled the pain. Then (that evening) all of a sudden the pain exploded and I couldn’t move my foot at all. It was just frozen - no rotation. By 11.30 the pain was blinding - it felt like a million fractures. Extraordinary pain ‘ hysterical screaming and crying.

Pain < when stopped moving. Woke in night screaming with pain; even touch of bedclothes <.

5:30c:19 Woke 4am screaming with pain; no position alleviated it.

Went to hospital for pain killers and x-ray B no fracture but because it acted like a fracture they treated it like one. Plaster cast which felt >; felt protected.


7:200c:3 Acne on shoulders.


8:6c:1 Woke with a throbbing cramp in my elbow; it did not last long.


9:6C:1 Injured my elbow one month ago but it hasn’t been hurting lately. On waking, elbow aching for half an hour B inside of tip of elbow.


10d:1M:0 Pain in left knee. Weakness from left knee down to foot, with a kind of numbness. As if circulation to the feet is very poor.


10d:1M:0 Pain in left sciatic nerve.



3:30C:1-10 Snoring frequently since remedy.


8:6c:1-3 Slept like a baby. Best sleep for ages; very relaxed; no dreams. Woke refreshed.


8:6c:1 Later in morning (11am) felt extremely tired and had a deep sleep for 20 minutes. Dribbled in this sleep.


9:6C:1-4 Slept heavily; trouble getting out of bed. Tired on waking.


3:30C:11 Last night couldn’t get warm. Wake warm but cold sweat on first motion. Sneezing.

> Motion and warm drinks.


3:30C:28 Overall I would say that a propensity for chills has been alleviated.



3:30C:24 Skin cancers on forehead inflamed; smarting and stinging.

Immediate > from Urtica urens tincture locally.




ANTIDOTE: 10d:1M:14 Sepia antidoted most of the bad effects of the 1M.

3:30C:24 Skin cancer pains > Urtica urens tincture.